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Japanese companies' inflation expectations stagnate

By Leika Kihara

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No wage increases but the consumption tax is going to jump 2%. Awesome.

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The survey underscores the challenge of the BOJ’s monetary experiment that aims to boost inflation expectations with heavy money printing, in hope of prodding companies and households to boost spending now rather than save

A 6 year failed experiment? Lol! Most "researchers" would have changed their methods a long time ago, IF in fact they were looking to suceed!

The consumption tax increase is going to again put the economy in recession, as proven by what happened after the previous increases!

Raising taxes on an economy that has been stagnant for decades is NOT smart fiscal policy! The opposition party's plan to raise tax revenue by increasing corporate taxes on businesses that do not increase employer wages would be a better "experiment" in my opinion! (I know my wife would be happy if I was making more money!)

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“Six years have past since the BOJ deployed a radical stimulus and there’s no sign inflation expectations are approaching its 2% price target

So, in six years they have achieved nothing except increase sales tax and further stagnated and decreased salaries. Small businesses are going bust hand over fist, families are up to 30% worse off than they were a decade ago, commodity prices have increased by 10-20% and these wombats can’t understand why they have not reached their inflation target? I know why! It’s because they have no flipping idea what they are doing.

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Can these article please stop blaming everything on the US and China. Inflation has been stagnent and economy flat for decades.

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It's not rocket science to fix this. Suspend the consumption tax hike. Punish profitable companies that refuse to give their workers decent wage hikes. Rescind the corporate tax cuts. Hike minimum wage. Sorted!

The result would be moderate inflation and stronger growth. Unfortunately, the super rich and powerful might have to small a very small sacrifice. Therefore we the 99% can't have it.

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The solution as above is obvious but would entrain the ruling elite to take one for the team, never going to do that. Rather reset the clock to 1930. Their grandparents were so respected and powerful. 70 years of LDP management and here we are, "could have done" better is not just obvious but a huge understatement.

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maintaining a massive stimulus program to sustain a moderate economic expansion

Hardly "bang for the buck", is it.

At least the government fiscal deficit of 40 trillion yen each year remains "funded", as a purely coincidental side-effect of the policy...

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Inflation has been stagnent and economy flat for decades.

That's right. With the population decreasing by hundreds of thousands each year, it is not surprising that consumption is sluggish. Dead people don't consume!!

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Really? Then how do you explain the following story:

Theres 'elections' coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

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Average household never spend more money. They can not save too. Because of no money. And tax boy will come. No way.

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Japan is well under way to reverting to how the society was 200 years ago. There was the ruling class and the lower class. There was no middle class.

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