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Japanese firms eye record net profits of over ¥47 trillion


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Japanese firms eye record net profits of over ¥47 trillion

How that will benefit to ordinary people that need to pay daily price increase? Nothing.

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Japanese firms eye record net profits of over ¥47 trillion

And whoosh into stock buybacks and offshore accounts as listed in the Panama Papers it goes!


Beautifully bypassing the proles.

That is why corporate tax cuts like under Abenomics were so toxic.

High taxes on corporate profits force them to push profits into research, innovation and wages for employees.

Not market bubbles and an increasingly distant and luxury enjoying oligarch class.

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Help the community with all this wealth accumulated on the sweat of your work force. Pay us properly!

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How that will benefit to ordinary people

If the "ordinary people" belonged to labor unions that actually fought for their rights by strikes, etc., or if they job hopped to advance their careers like their counterparts in all the other industrialized nations, they would surely benefit. Their employers tend to be the greediest and stingiest in the world, so the workers can't afford to be complacent. And yet they are...

It should be pointed out that real wages in the US have been increasingly steadily since the pandemic, especially among the low income brackets, after various strikes.

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While paying their workers a pittance! Well done Japanese businesses way to look after yourselves and not your employees!

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Dollar terms profits not so great, 47T Yen total about same as "MAG Seven". But consumers do understand that $Price Gouging Japan Inc. is alive and well!

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Good point, Japan's GDP per capita by far lowest in G-7 with VERY high deficit spending and world's largest accumulated deficits relative to GDP.

Seems workers getting a raw deal and Govt. deficit spending not creating any ROI, otherwise why such lousy GDP per capita figures that are trending down?

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The historic criticism of Japanese companies, possibly unjustified, was always that they only wanted market share and would not try to make profits.

With so many people struggling with the cost of living due to price rises, hearing about a 12% rise in profits is not comfortable reading.

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Excellent news..

Keep the fight Japan..


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Major Japanese companies are expected to see their combined net profits for the year ending March to surpass 47 trillion yen ($312 billion) and hit a fresh record-high,

But wait, they are run by old guys with fax machines and no women. Someone please explain these results.

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And it looks like Warren Buffet was correct.

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It is a false victory. Japan is an exporting nation. The increased profits are only commensurate with the depreciated currency. Sales volumes have declined. Slowly, down the tubes you go.

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Keep in mind, Japan's very poorly positioned in the global software industry, the industry most busy creating and deploying AI. Global competition will be heating up even more as result, much like automotive with EV.

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Corporate earnings continue to grow as citizens incomes continue to fall or stay flat! Not good!

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