Japanese firms see trade war, sales tax pressuring economy in 2019: poll

By Tetsushi Kajimoto

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Sounds like an excuse is being made for Abe to once again postpone the sales tax hike. He said if there was a Lehman Brothers like situation, he would not go ahead with the increase. While I would rather they cut spending to reign in the debt problem, I wish they would sh$t or get off the pot with the tax increase. It keeps hanging over the economy like the sword of Damocles!

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Ummm, duh???

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"There's no doubt the sales tax increase will put a damper on private consumption," a manager of a manufacturing company wrote in the survey. "We're very concerned."

Translation: We're deeply worried that Japanese people won't have enough money to buy our goods. So much so that we'll continue hoarding trillions of yen and remain unwilling to boost salaries in any meaningful way. Even though Kris Kringle (Abe-san) himself has regularly implored us to do so. But it's important to recognize that regressive taxes, penalizing average people, are necessary. After all, dear leader has to make it rain yen on his trips abroad, not to mention vital investments like pouring concrete in the boonies. What more can we really do to lessen workers' burden, which honestly is trivial compared to the stress we corporate 1 percenters and our stooges in the government face?

And oh, by the way:

Although foreign workers are generally viewed as cheap labour here, nearly three-quarters of companies said the proposal won't drive down wage levels, while 29 percent anticipate lower pay.

Don't repeat what I say here but this means 75% of us are lying. Happy Holidays!

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Shinzo has his job because of his family connections he didn't get it because of skill. In Japan being a leader is bestowed not because of actually being concerned for the population that are mear surfs to be paid little and taxed extravagantly. To be fair you can't buy two jets to fling oneself around the world without taxing everybody and at every opportunity fill ones snout from other people's misery. But don't fret in a few days we can all enjoy our Premium Friday.

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Foreign workers are needed for the '3 Ds'," said a ceramics maker manager, referring to demanding, dirty and dangerous work.

Lovely how they view foreigners here

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