Japanese stocks, long shunned, attracting billions of foreign dollars

By Trevor Hunnicutt and Hideyuki Sano

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My investment adviser rolled his eyes a couple of years ago when I told him I wanted some Japanese equity in my portfolio. So behind his back, I bought the Nikkei and Topix, plus a small Japanese tech-firms fund. The Nikkei fund is returning 50%. The return for all 3 overall nearly 40%, with most of the units acquired in the past year.

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Yes this year has been great and we foreigners have all made a great deal of money investing in Japanese stocks. Happy days for us all!

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The stock market is nothing but a giant Ponzi scheme and your gains will soon be transformed into losses when the market roller coaster does a return engagement of 2008, and the Nikkei-Dow average returns to 8,000 yen again.

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More speculation, except for some shares (Toyota, Nintendo)

Most Japanese companies are loaded with debts or corrupt working methods.

Market is just too expensive (totally overpriced) in the Usa so they buy on the Japanese one...

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I own only one Japanese stock, as I live here, and basically I need to park my money somewhere. I own stock in my US brokerage.

Anyhow, I own Kirin, a consumer good company. With the mass of scandals , I would hesitate to buy any company that was technical. As covering up is endemic here.

I used to wonder why most Japanese don't own stock. I know now, given the huge amounts of bad management here. It's like if half the S&P 500 were like Wells Fargo.

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With huge losses and then huge gains I have little faith in the market here..,,,,

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