Japanese utilities start selling uranium fuel into depressed market

By Aaron Sheldrick and Yuri Harada

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France seems to be OK at 80% nuclear, and while exporting to Germany and the UK. I guess the French aren’t worried about meltdowns.

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Signs of a coming recession?

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They may want to hold onto it. Nuclear will be back once the anti-nuclear fad fades.

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It's unlikely Japan will ever return to the nuclear situation prior to the 3/11 nuclear disaster with 50+ reactors generating 30% of total power demand.

Today, after 8 years and new regulations there are currently only 9 reactors operating and many, more than 20 won't be upgraded to met the new safety instead will be decommissioned.

Selling off the uranium and removing it from the country makes good business sense. There is also the problem of the 150 tons of plutonium, with 8 tons of it stored inside the country.

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Just at a time we have to make electricity producing less CO2, this makes no sense at all !

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It is something they will have to spend a lot of money on to build a repository for that can last a few hundred thousand years

Nothing man-made can last a few hundred thousand years.

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What can possibly go wrong! Tsk Tsk!

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