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Jetstar cancels 2 domestic flights due to crew shortage


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I wonder if some Budget Airlines should look towards the Irish RyanAir - as being a role model ?

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Airline industry is getting hit hard by labor shortage.

I know an airline that had been struggling to secure Ground handling Agent staff for their flights to/from Osaka KIX.

Even in Narita, most assistants at ticket counters, attending luggages, doing check-ins, boardings are foreigners. I guess Japanese people are either not really attracted to the wages they are offering, or simply not enough Japanese.

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In Japan? I can hardly believe that.

Jetstar is an Auz company.

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LCCs treat both staff and customers as subhuman in pursuit of massive profits.

I avoid LCCs like they were the plague.

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Lord it’s only 2 flights. Why a big deal to have a story about it.

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Jetstar is an LCC . So, if everyone doesn't mind the prices going up then they'll be able to pay better wages.

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The airline often asks crew members who are on holiday to stand in for colleagues if they become sick.

Unbelievable. Why does the journalist is not able to point out that being on standby is actually work since you need to remain ready for flying, means no drinking/being away/resting....?

Does it mean it is not dealt by the law as such ?

Don't ask me to work in Japan again as long as rules don't change. Contributing to slavery is not the future.

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Jet Star makes the U.S airlines look good, and that's pretty hard to do. They are the worst airline I've ever taken.

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Of course this company is not paying wages it's a Japanese company aftera...wait Jetstar is actually an Australian company. Move along, nothing to see here.

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Yes, pay a decent salary/wage, treat staff with respect and you (any company) will have no shortages.

Pretty simple.

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with around 120 members refusing unscheduled work on holidays from early December.

The airline often asks crew members who are on holiday to stand in for colleagues if they become sick

The problem is not labor shortage, the problem is they don't want to pay while they want want their worker to be on standby. Either you work or not work, standby is equal to work.

demanding the company pay employees' unpaid wages, claiming that overtime work had been calculated erroneously.

That happens in Japan where overtime is not being counted in employee salary.


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Avoid any operator related to Qantas.

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unpaid wages, claiming that overtime work had been calculated erroneously

In Japan? I can hardly believe that.

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Pay more.

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Don't bother crew who are on holiday!!

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