July household spending falls despite tight job market


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Retail giant Aeon said last week it will cut the prices of 114 food and grocery items at 2,800 outlets to attract consumers, and make up the cost by streamlining operations.

In other words, more unpaid overtime. Shops aren't going to cut prices to attract customers, the amount cut has to come from somewhere/out of someones pocket.

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Unexpected? The only thing unexpected is that they couldn't massage the figures this time as they were so bad. People are living in 2017 not 1980, unlike the decision makers.

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Prices on some things go down such as computers, clothes (Uniqlo), and some imported foods.

But the cartel system is alive and well in Japan. The most irksome for me is the shoe cartel. I cannot find hardly any shoe stores except ABC shoemart. The price of dress shoes used to be around 9,000-12,000 for decent leather shoes. Now that is 18,000 to 22,000. Of course you can buy the fake leather crap for 5,000 that will not last more than 3 months and ruin your feet.

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Wait wait wait...

Wasn't there an article a few weeks ago about the government hopeful as household opening their purse according to government data???

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One issue I take with men's & women's clothing stores in Japan is they price everything as if it's a designer brand. Go to a big mall like La La Port, for example. Most of the clothing stores are quite literally no name brands. Just crappy local Japanese brands - no exceptional quality or craftsmanship, no "Wow, I must have this." And you check the price tags and they'll have a winter jacket for ¥40,000, handbags for ¥15,000 - ¥30,000. Same with shirts, shoes, tees, etc.

Are Japanese that ignorant and just pay whatever the tag says without any thought of Beams, United Arrows, Liz Lisa, etc, are NOT designer shops, not emerging boutiques. They are all just generic shops selling mid-level quality at best. The Gap is not a designer shop. Stop pricing jeans for ¥14,000. It's a joke.

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unexpectedly?! raise taxes, raise prices wtf do you expect?

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you buy shoes here? Buy online from overseas, its half the price even with shipping, shoes are a rip here

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The jobless rate was flat at 2.8 percent in July and 1.52 jobs were available per applicant, the highest since 1974, separate data showed, a sign the economy continued to enjoy what many analysts consider as near full employment.

When will Japan start reporting unemployment figures accurately? These figures are so much BS! I can not believe that people actually swallow the kool aid when it comes to reporting statistics from government sources.

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OMG! 0.20%!?! It's an economic catastrophe!

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@Dango bong "you buy shoes here? Buy online from overseas, its half the price even with shipping, shoes are a rip here"

I have had bad luck ordering online because the sizing is difficult then a return costs a lot in shipping, and they add 2000-4000 yen duty. Any recommended online sellers appreciated.

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