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Keidanren agrees to members outlaying Y300 bil yen on childcare


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What the hell, are these people totally disconnected from normality it's their actions that now require this token. And still another reason given for the "necessary" tax increase, not one mention of fiscal responsibility not a modecome of shame regarding their gouging of the population overseeing the disenchantment of an entire society. Just today look at the news stories lonely death, big companies lying, tax up, family's required to provide support when medical professionals are required. Yet this token payment is accepted and held up as being a responsible action, I'd argue their participation over the last 70 years would prove otherwise.

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paid in the form of employer contributions under the employee pension insurance system

i think I need more info to digest this.

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Problem solved!!


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To encourage educated females to Marry. They must be having shortage on married salarymen.

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KeidanRen is cooperating to reduce. baby shortage in Japan.

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The advisory panel has been exploring ways to address challenges to long-term growth posed by Japan's declining birthrate and aging society.

"growth" isn't a problem for Japan, when gdp/per capita, an accurate and sensible measure, is used. Japan outgrows many of its peers on a regular basis. The "challenge" is equality.

If it's "long term" they're interested in, they might want to ask why a single income was fine for middle class households before, and now they need 2 incomes to survive. What changed? Who changed the situation? In whose benefit were the changes made? etc.

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