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Low-cost carrier AirAsia to pull out of Japan as virus hits demand


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Narita airport is allegedly the most expensive in the world.

Not many airlines can afford it.

What's gonna happen next summer with the Olympics? Will be there enough flights?

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Please take JetStar with you.

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@kurisupisu: I'm sure the staff of AirAsia Japan will be very happy to hear your sentiments - yet another group of workers facing a period of indefinite unemployment.

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Getting woken up every hour on an overnight flight by announcements, sub zero cabin temperatures and sneaky little conditions to get more money from the passenger.

Good riddance...

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Sad news. However, I remember when I priced their flights, discovering that their fares to Bangkok, Singapore, etc., were little different from those offered by the major carriers after the add-ons were included.

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They won’t be missed by me...

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This is a bummer. Although they weren’t my personal first choice of LCC, the LCC industry has been great in Japan, offering much cheaper flights around Asia. Hopefully the other ones will survive, although I now expect some others to drop too.

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