MRJ regional jet on target for first delivery in mid-2020


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Good news, and will be very interesting to see these planes in operation

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Yugo Fukuhara, vice president of sales and marketing at Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp, said he hoped Swedish leasing company Rockton, which last year signed for up to 20 of the MRJ planes, would help market the jet to European customers.

Isn't that Mitsubishi's job?

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Unfortunately, unless this jet offers anything substantially new, then it is not going to succeed. airlines are a fickle bunch and with most of Europe's major airlines already signed up to either Boeing or Airbus its unlikely that the MRJ will have any impact. Japanese airlines will of course buy it, but then they will be expected to, whether they want to or not. But outside Japan, its fortunes are limited if non existent.

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most of Europe's major airlines already signed up to either Boeing or Airbus...

Nether Boeing nor Airbus make any regional jets.

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Neither Boeing or Airbus offers small regional passenger jets. In fact MHI and Boeing signed a service contract in which Boeing will provide maintenance service around the world for this jet.

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Bombardier has launched the C Series regional jets recently.

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Hope they don't out sell themselves with the price.

and the the empty pride and arrogance that anything labeled

"Made in Japan" sells as that signifies the best technology

and quality.

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