MUFG, Mizuho in London embark on rehiring spree despite Brexit

By Lawrence White and Sinead Cruise

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So the Brexit end of the world scenarios were all wrong.

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MUFG have also fired thousands of workers

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"So the Brexit end of the world scenarios were all wrong."

As pointed out (Zichi), thousands have been already sacked; about 100 hired now.

Plus "voluntary" redundancies:

"MUFG offered redundancy to 500 senior London bankers in May, but is now building back up under new chief for the region John Winter, with a similar focus on cross-selling"

Pay attention the upcoming trade "battles"; it will far worse than Brexit Part I, i.e. the political withdrawal.

The EU has already refused continuation of Passporting Rights, if Britain does not remain aligned to EU standards.

Britain's Financial sector NEEDS Passporting Rights; only that the Brexiteers in chief are not telling the sheep this fact.

Watch out for the trade "battles" starting next week.

Then, the "they need us more" will be patent for all to see.

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The winds had changed, all of u cannot have intergrity ???. Hiring, rehiring, what playing with human lives ???.

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Contract or Permanent Staff ?

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The Weird bit is,

Its okay for these Japanese Companies to Hire & Fire Foreign Staff at Will, but those permanent staff doing the Hiring & Firing can't be fired so easily under Japanese Law, so ... same mistakes being made over and over again ?

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