Mazda aims to launch 13 electrified car models by 2025


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We've got a CX-5, the original turbodiesel we bought second hand from a Mazda dealer. It gets about 12km/l and diesel is cheap in Japan, so it costs little to run for what is a big car and is 4wd. It does 0-100 in about 8 seconds, so plenty of zoom zoom, and it's nicely decked out with leather and JBL, almost like an Audi or a BMW which cost way more. It's actually faster than the 1.6 five speed MX-5 we had years ago. If you're getting one of them, get the six speed 1.8 or the MazdaSpeed. MX-5s corner like they are glued to the road. I've also driven a new Mazda 3 we got as a courtesy car. It was just the 1.5, but it still felt like a drivers' car. It'll be interesting to see what Mazda do with electrics.

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samuraivunylToday 07:09 pm JST

"Have had Volvos, Alfa Romeos,BMWs, Porsches, Toyotas , Mitsubishis, isuzus and more"

The plural of Isuzu is Isuzu.

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Have had Volvos, Alfa Romeos,BMWs, Porsches, Toyotas , Mitsubishis, isuzus and more and my Mazda CX had been my best car yet. Their styling is superb and the customer service is fantastic. Bought mine new 3 years ago ...waiting till they finally got on with an ev which is finally happening, it seems.

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Ever late to the party, Mazda eschewed hybridisation for diesel. Better late than never, though, and access to the Toyota tech saves them a lot of the sort of pain Honda and others have experienced.

Given the gorgeous design edge the Hiroshima brand enjoys, I'd expect them to leverage their 人馬一体 know-how to offer quirky, sporty, and cool EVs rather than me-too boxes.

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