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McDonald's plans to nearly double restaurants in China


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It's in China. McD. What D stand for??

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Why anyone eats it is beyond me.

Comfort food?

I gave up McDs "food" for many years but these days, I must admit, I occasionaly treat (if that's the right word) myself to a quick visit. Feel guilty as hell, after, mind.

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I feel quite queasy now.....

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Oh great, ruin China and start obesity there as well.

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Metaterapin, are you a Chinese?

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Actually the Chinese diet is already terrible so more mcd won't harm anything. Chinese food is really unhealthy and it's partly why china is a key diabetes, heart disease market for pharma.

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Cool! Better than a military solution....

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Yup, fatten them up and clog those arteries. Then Big Pharma can move in and string them out. That is the best way to kill communism.

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Why anyone eats it is beyond me.

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Ugh. Aren't there enough orange clowns in the world?

Slowing traffic at home has other American companies turning to China for growth.

Yes, condemn China for human rights, for not clamping down on DPKR, for expansion, etc but when it comes down to it?


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How about making some good ramen shops in America? None of this $12.00 for a bowl of ma ma ramen mess, I mean real ramen that is good. I've had bad ramen in various places in Japan too, but, I've also been to Aizu Wakamatsu and Kitakata Machi. I rest my ramen case.

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