Mitsubishi Materials execs apologize over faked quality data


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Jail time? Fines? Where is the government on this? Just letting big business cheat then get away with it with a bow?

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Asian geniuses should make an Apology Robot "Sor-not-ry", the demand is only going to rise with such irresponsibility continuing.

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toyota and honda should just come out and admit their wrongdoings, itll come out soon anyways. ive been calling bs on "japanese quality" for a decade so i'm a bit happy to be vindicated

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Just letting big business cheat then get away with it with a bow?

The stock market didn’t let them get away with it.

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These bows should not be accepted and they should all be shipped off for 20 years of forced labor....the criminal behavior would disappear overnight

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slippery eels, bowing means diddly squat pathetic.

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Bob Sneider:

No: it's the opposite: all these local internal scandals of Japanese quality make "American and European quality" look "bs"!

Not meeting the Japanese internal standards, Japanese quality still has been dominating the world; Boeing airplanes built by Mitsubishi have been flying strong! Not to mention space rockets, International Space Station, etc.; global press would be shut down without Japanese cameras; Japanese cars and motorcycles have been on top of all others: look at the facts in the US and global trade; etc. & etc... If Japanese quality were not superior nor reliable, Earth's people would not have bought them, placing them above all the western stuff.  

Japanese quality by default has been this great, making one wonder upon reading this news: if their products do meet THEIR OWN Japanese standards, Japanese quality will dominate what? THE UNIVERSE! 

Except a few western opportunists like you on here, Bob, can seize on this opportunity to blow off your stifled inferiority complex built up over all the years.

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The stock market didn’t let them get away with it.

Opportunities to buy dips! Put your irony aside and act fast before the market soon changes its mind with an upward reverse.  The world's never-ending hunger for the Japanese superior quality will soon shrug off these trivial bookish discrepancies. (Learn from how western markets disregarded TOYOTA's so-called acceleration safely bluff bluff something back in 2010.)

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BOWING tradition is an excellent practice on the part of Japanese whenever any manipulative wrongdoing is discovered in the public domain. It immediately calms down the offended nerves of the sufferers and feeling of forgiveness immediately emerge in the mind.

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since when the does bowing excuse anyone? that's not repentant or courageous, even chimpira low level yakuza have the guts to cut off part off a finger or two, be men, Japanese have become sissies.

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the most interesting thing about the stock price is that it appeared to appeared to run into selling much earlier in the month, before this scandal news broke.

The FSA should be looking into possible insider trading, too, if you ask me.

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There's a trend here... perhaps we should start again with which Company hasn't faked data, misdescribed products and/or services.

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These greedy men needs to stop abusing and perverse the act and meaning of bowing with their insincerity.

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Just stay permanently hunched over in your fake sign of apology and regret (that you were caught, not for doing it). It's as fake as the smile and handshake they give you.

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First the Takata airbag crisis then the Nissan and Subaru certification scandal then the Kobe steel's falsifying data over the decade and now Mitsubishi admits falsifying data as well. Way to tarnish the "Made in Japan" reputation.

Are there more companies joining the bandwagon and something to add on the cross list?

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