Mitsubishi says it is on track to deliver long-delayed jets by 2020


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It is very interesting to see psychologically how this works.

Mitsubishi is going to be seven years late with their plane. Yet ANA are still standing by them.

If this was a non-Japanese manufacturer, they would have cancelled the deal long ago, with all the attendant bad publicity, which would reinforce the widely held belief that foreigners are unreliable and can't do things properly.

However, as it is, it is a Japanese firm that is failing to get its act together and the issue just keeps trundling along. The lack of drastic action and subsequent wall-to-wall media coverage of a huge dispute allows people to kind of ignore what is happening, and hang on to the belief that Japanese companies are, by default, far more trustworthy than their overseas counterparts.

Obviously, people in all countries of the world cut their own some slack (and maybe there is government pressure on ANA not to pull out) but in this case it is more than a little jarring due to the kind of statements you will hear local people come out with about Japanese reliability, efficient and on time delivery and whining that foreigners can't do things properly (comments which you will have heard if you have worked for a Japanese manufacturer).

It is almost as if incidents that confirm existing prejudices are widely trumpeted while those that do not are quietly forgotten about.

Anyway, I hope they get the aircraft ready eventually. It will be cool for Japan to have its own domestic-made plane.

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they cannot even build a quality home appliance. im not flying in that thing

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mitsubishi did wrong from the start. they went with an ordinary plane that everyone can make with enough money. They should have gone with "supersonic plane"

Jaxa has supersonic technology for years. and they could make one right now if they would have enough money. mitsubishi should have back this guys from the start. however they gone with traitional way as always.

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Any new plane is always late - happened with Airbus A380, happened with Boeing 787, happening now with Mitsubishi

It's to be expected now

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"We are proceeding pretty much in line with plans," said Hisakazu Mizutani, president of Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp, referring to the mid-2020 deadline. "We can just about make it."

Translation: We're not quite out of the initial engineering design and development / prototype phase that starting back in September 2010, and it'll be sporty - at best - to satisfy the newly imposed deadline that's three years later than initially promised as aircraft design requirements are still aren't fully understood or realized.

Expect Pratt & Whitney, Mitsubishi, and Japanese regulators to each be playing more of the public blame game at each other the closer the new deadline approaches, as to appease both their shareholders and their bureaucratic government leadership.

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