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Nikkei drops more than 3% over global economic slowdown fears

By Charly Triballeau

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Hmm, and I thought Japan looked upon itself as being the center of the universe.

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Hmm, and I thought Japan looked upon itself as being the center of the universe.

Why did you think that?

And wouldn't the Japanese stock market dropping due to fears in other nations indicate that Japan is in fact quite central in the world, to the point that problems in other countries cause an effect on the Japanese market?

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Inverted yield curve! Oh no! 

Right before the consumption tax was due to be raised too, darn it.

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Of course there is a slowdown. Despite unemployment being good, wages in some 1st world nations still have caught up with the last 35 years of inflation.

Also, this is the usual cycle. Recession, recovery, recession, then recovery again.

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"Have NOT caught up with inflation over the last 35 years."

Please pardon the typo.

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Japan’s been bumping along the bottom for 30 years now....

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Japan is a sinking ship, no doubt about it, unless there is a new captain.

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Japan is a sinking ship, no doubt about it, unless there is a new captain.

Wrong again I'm afraid Akie. Things are ticking along nicely. Record growth for past 20 years, record tourism, record low unemployment, record profit for corporations, record farm exports, the list is endless. Stock market goes up and down, so what.

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A tanking stock market and rising yen, more bad news for Japan that could very well lead to a third, or is that fourth (I’ve lost count) putting off of the consumption tax increase.

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ClippetyClop, currently, China has middle class population at 600 millions, more than the total population USA and Japan combined. In 10 years, the middle class population will at least 1.2 billions, 10 times Japan population. Just tell me how big Market Japan needs to absorb its production ? In another world, in 10 years, there will be a US sized market within China, waiting for Japan. Can Japan saturate it ? As for old, Chinese are most reproductive people in the universe. China can double her population in 20 years if she likes. If you are still not impressed, China can have half world population in 50 years, but don't be scared if that happens.

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When the world economy looks gloomy, global investors buy yen. To a person with even a modicum of common sense, that suggests a very high level of faith in the issuer of that coveted currency -- Japan.

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GanbareJapan; "Wrong again I'm afraid Akie. Things are ticking along nicely.

"Record growth for past 20 years" : Seems that Japans stock rose along with USA. Except this time. USA went up 14.51 and Japan down 650.23.

"record tourism" to which most Japanese do not benefit from. Most all my Japanese friends will be staying home GW as travel is too expensive and too many tourist in most all vacation spots.

"record low unemployment": a given as population decreasing to a point to where workers need to be imported:

"record profit for corporations": Exactly! for Corporate executives. No one I know has had a decent pay raise/bonus in several years. Savings is decreasing year by years.

"record farm exports": Don't know about this one. Will need to do research but if Japan produces so much farm products, why are prices raising. I would think that if there were a high supply of farm product to a point where exports would increase, prices would decrease. Why export and make your own country's people suffer? In addition, many Japanese are reluctant to purchase farm products from Tohoku region.

"the list is endless": Yes, the list is endless. Stock market goes up, you praise Abe san for a good job, it goes down and you say "so what"!

Open your eyes to reality around you. Talk to the average hard working tax payer of your country. I'm most confident they'll agree with me as my comments above come directly from them.

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