Nikkei ends at 13-month low in cautious trading ahead of Fed decision


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The artificial growth is about to be exposed!

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Slip sliding away…

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Nothing wrong with doing some small dip buying on your shopping list at these levels. We could still dip more so be patient but some companies are already down 50% from ATHs, that's usually where you start to see institutional money pull into the parking lot. Definitely don't go all in but dipping your toe in the water here a little bit not a bad idea.

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Very troubling numbers.

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It used to be sell in May and go away. Now, it’s sell BEFORE January and avoid an aneurysm.

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The Fed will do whatever it has to to be sure the top 1% get richer. It’s the old trickle down carnival “theory.”

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Well , things are not looking good for the world.

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Markets have downturns, corrections and selloffs. That's natural and healthy, keeping valuations in line. In the meantime, for investors, these periods are the best time to buy, history shows.

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