Nikkei plunges nearly 3% to 5-month low on record COVID numbers


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Sony Group plummeted 1,820 yen, or 12.8 percent, to 12,410 yen, a day after Microsoft Corp. said it would acquire gaming company Activision Blizzard Inc., raising concerns that the acquisition will intensify competition within the gaming industry.

This has to be a joke.........

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You want to see a plunge, add a zero to that headline. It is coming. Today is a bob and weave.

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Told you guys many times before under those articles to sell before it will be too late.

I have been down voted, however you still have a chance to sell and get out before it collapse!

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Markets are worried about US rate hikes (US mkts were also down yesterday)... we'll see in the coming months as to how much the Fed will tighten to combat inflation... but a stock mkt collapse? i don't a driver here...

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Lots of good quality companies will be on Sale in the coming weeks, looking forward to it.

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It seems not COVID but US treasury

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Thé Stock Market fell and the yen strengthened?


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Well, there was a clinical study released yesterday in the Lancet saying that the current vaccines/boosters offer no protection at all against the omicron variant. Zero. Increased T-cells are limiting deaths and serious symptoms. You can search and find it.

That could certainly drive lowered expectations. A lot of money and time will be wasted trying to “stop” it.

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