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Nissan Chief Executive Hiroto Saikawa Image: AP file

Nissan CEO sees no big downside to FCA-Renault merger

By Maki Shiraki and Naomi Tajitsu

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Ghosn's "YES"-man is a buffoon.

Why is he still CEO or does that stand for Circus Entertainment Official?



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Saikawa will certainly get the legacy he deserves of killing the golden goose and driving the company into the toilet!

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Saikawa will certainly get the legacy he deserves of killing the golden goose and driving the company into the toilet!

He already has.

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If this huge merger goes through, it is Sayonara to Saikawa-san. So this is not good for Nissan's power in the alliance.

However i am impressed how weak Renault is against Nissan at the moment, despite:

Renault have 43% shares in Nissan with voting rights.

Nissan has 15% shares in Renault without voting rights.

France has 15% shares in Renault with double voting rights.


The right person to take this merger through will be Carlos Ghosn looking at his past records.

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That merger better go through, aside from Saikawa, it's the old shareholders that have zero vision for a massive company and only thinking of patriotism..

They are the ones to be blamed too actually.

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his opinion counts for so much.  Such a visionary.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

" L o s e r "

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i think Nissan will end on those guys hands what a shame

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If saikawa can see the future, Nissan will not be in this stage. Look at Nissan now, all broken and full of oyajis that are good only for making trouble in the top with unrest. I, for one, do not want to buy it's shares. I am just a simple person, do U think anybody else with brains would. Would U ???.

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Nissan will go down the toilet and they’ll blame it on Ghosn.

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Saikawa's best future job opportunity is to make car polishes at Maranello factory in a red uniform.

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Thanks to Saikawa's leadership Nissan's profits are now lower than Renault's. Up until recently it seemed that every Japanese TV report had to mention that Nissan was contributing more profits than Renault. Let's see how many reports will now mention that Renault is more profitable. My guess is none whatsoever.

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Independence over partnership make mores sense for any major corporation. Sharing of technology may make sense, but with strong and specific limitations on rights, privileges and use with protection of copyrights and patents. Japanese companies, I have observed, in their "contracts" often "assume" that the other party knows, understand, appreciates and will comply and will conform to what is considered "atarimae" in Japanese contracts which "honor" traditional values, standards and practices. I have had to assist indurance companies to write in detailed "specific" terms and conditions instead of what was "expected" in their policies. (Instead of "within a reason time", "write in within 10 days.")

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