Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi Motors form new board

By Yuri Kageyama

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National politics. Ghosn is being laid out to dry. My bet is Macron and Abe have reasons not to have Ghosn re-elected.

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What a great time for a Kodak moment! All to insult Carlos that created the success and salvage of the company from collapse.

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How is it that a Ghosn being a major shareholder can not take part in any shareholder meetings ?

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The dark smelly underbelly of corporate Tokyo slithers along undeterred.

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The corporate coup continues apace.

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This was a board meeting. Ghosn is a board member. A shareholder meeting is something completely different. Majority of shareholders typically don't attend shareholder meetings. Furthermore, shareholders don't attend board meetings unless they are on the board. Board meetings typically only allow board members, legal team, accounting team, and a proxy/agent if a board member is unable to attend.

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Oh...dear! Here we go ...again!!

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Does anyone know if the board can remove him from board for not attending 2-3 meetings in a row, even if extenuating circumstances (such as court refusing to allow)?

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This is just all for show, they are all worried about the share price and putting on a show to make it look normal. Shareholders need to see through this BS and find out what is really the plan.

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A board can vote to remove anyone from the board. But those terms would have to be set in the by-laws for an organization. Also, there are other ways such as term limits for board members.

If none of those are in place, then it would have to be by resignation.

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That logo in the back sure looks like Adobe Acrobat. Not exactly the same, but neither was the old Tokyo Olympics logo.

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This is a coitus on a grand scale. Nissan is so ineptitude it needs to use the MOJ to do its dirty work.

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He needed court approval to attend because conditions for his release last week on 1 billion yen ($9 million) bail, after more than 100 days in custody, prohibit actions that may enable him to tamper with evidence.

It's all about forced confession from "hostage justice" system not tampering with evidences.

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"breach of trust" ? That is not a crime in Japan. The govt does that every minutes.

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Ghosn being a major shareholder 

He never was. It is not even known if he is still a shareholder at all. You're confusing with Elon Musk or someone like that. Ghosn did not put his own money into the company, he only took some. Then shareholder meeting is next month. For sure, he is not going.

. But those terms would have to be set in the by-laws for an organization.

They have to rewrite anything. One guy that clinged to power has decided for the whole organization, which was already problematic (even before he abused ).

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This is actually a beginning, a beginning to the decline of this joint venture in Japan and the world. Atleast , the public knows , who is the actual victim. Surely no good foreign brains will ever help any Japanese company in who was going broke. This is a real life good example. Good for all foreign people , who are trying to be loyal to Japanese companies. The time will come. Good Japanese or good any people just have to wait.

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Just a little note.

Saikawa's first major decision as Nissan CEO is to pull Infiniti brand out of Europe. I won't be surprised if Saikawa also chops Infiniti out of the US later.

Nissan's Infiniti to exit western Europe early next year

BEIJING (Reuters) - Nissan Motor Co’s premium brand Infiniti said on Tuesday it will exit western Europe early next year, as it restructures its global operations and turns its attention to sales in the world’s top two auto markets.

The move comes as Infiniti seeks to divert its resources to markets with bigger opportunities, such as China and the United States, from a region where non-European premium brands are struggling to compete against local players such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

This is a strange decision, given Nissan's vulnerability in China as a Japanese automaker.

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Well, I’m sure Carlos has some great ideas to share - he had lots of time in detention to think about it.

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