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Nissan board meets to discuss governance amid rising tensions with Renault


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Sacrifice a mans image and defame him, where is the honor in that, there is no justice? what is democracy really?? just a made up word to symbolize imagination? All they can do is scapegoat the situation with some old drone that will peddle the cars to hell..

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Nissan would be lucky to spell governance correctly let alone have any.

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We still don't know the real situation. We all should not jumped our conclusion for the issues. I will wait the truth is informed after all investigation.

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All they knew was that they didn't want to be owned by a foreign company..... and would do anything to prevent it regardless of consequence.

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"Renault directors have yet to be given access to Nissan's findings, which are being closely held by Renault lawyers."

Make any sense to anybody? Why would the Renault lawyers not give the Renault directors those findings by NISSAN?

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Why would the Renault lawyers not give the Renault directors those findings by NISSAN?

Doesn't meet their governance standards for evidence. Questionable documentation and timelines.

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I think that whatever happens now, or whatever the outcome of court proceedings against Ghost the damage is done.

Nothing more cheap than Pearl Hatbour tactics.

Also, rather disturbing facts regarding Japanese law / rule of law coming out.

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OH............Nissan, a company that has share-holders in Japan and overseas, is calling a private & confidential meeting ???.To all good people , do all of u really think that U can trust Nissan with yr money ???.Pls think 100 times , before U put another yen into Nissan. This kind of tactics are very clear from small people in Nissan that want to block the truth. How low can a company like Nissan get to ???.This action shows how small saikawa & current board people are. It is not enough for a 64 year old man to stay in jail for evidence that Nissan cannot find even in Rio ???. Nissan pull in the family , the sister & everybody that are involved with Carlos. It would be better for this Nissan Kabuki to start bring bringing in Nissan current Japanese board and their family, to check ,just to be fair. does Nissan know that the public is calling for human-rights groups to step in from all over the world ???.it will be time soon to come out hiding behind yr bad excuses. U know, who u are in Nissan.

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What is happening now and what would happen the coming months is an execution of a plan started to

be designed since Nissan starts to bring more money to the alliance (Renault-Nissan-Mitsubish)i than Renault.

The alliance is now approaching towards a hard weakness and all its members would indivually  suffer.

  Especially in Europe, will Nissan continue to sell as much as till now? Not sure.

The present execution of the plan (Saikawa, J prosecutor) will lead to the whole alliance to a dramatic new context. The relationships between France and Japan would not be better than what will happen to the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi negatively impacted by the executed plan of the couple (Saikawa, japanese prosecutors). As "normal" consequence, a new alliance would born between Renault and an automative Chinese Partner.

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“Nissan has communicated actively and transparently with Renault regarding this matter, and will continue to do so. We remain steadfast in our commitment to the alliance,” it said

The Renualt CEO has had to tell Nissan BoD members to stop contacting Renault BoD directors privately (it's against agreed procedure), and (as per comments above) Nissan has repeatedly failed to provide any actual evidence, and hence Renault's lawyers have asked for better documentation. What part of the communication in this circus masquerading as an investigation can be described "actively and transparently"? Renault haven't even had a proper chance to talk with Ghosn himself.

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"Nissan is 43.4 percent owned by Renault. While almost 60 percent bigger by sales, it remains the junior partner in their shareholding hierarchy with a smaller reciprocal 15 percent non-voting stake in the French firm. "

This is unacceptable, and must be changed. However, it reflects the reality of current status of Japan as a non-sovereign state, the majority Japanese people is the junior partner in the hierarchy with a smaller non-voting stake.

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I believe, Renault must reduce voluntarily its share in Nissan, back to original 36% stake from the current 43.4 % or Japanese Government must intervene and introduce legislation for how much foreign car Company can own shares in the Japanese car company.

The Nissan - Renault relationship was not the best model. French Government has owned a 15 % stake of Renault shares and French Government has voting right in Renault Company but Nissan doesn't have voting right as French Government even though both have a 15 % stake in Renault. It's very unfair to Nissan.

Nissan - Renault merger won't work because they have differing business culture. Also, Nissan will be slowly disappeared and becoming known as Renault Company. Also, all Nissan's engineering and technology will be accessed by Renault but Nissan cannot be touched Renault technology.

There's no question about Carlos Ghosn expertise in managing of Nissan Company but too much power has led him to corrupt and abused power, and misused Company resources. It's a very sad for Nissan and Japanese peoples as well because Carlos Gohosn was most respected person and they see him as their own. No one is perfect and Carlos Ghosn was one of them.

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It rather reflects the reality that Renault put up the money and expertise ( Ghosn ) to bailout Nissan when it faced bankruptcy and watched it flourish under Ghosn leadership. Maybe they should have let it fail then?

Exactly this.

Since Ghosn stepped down as CEO Nissan has seen a series of compliance breaches...Nissan reverting back to "traditional" Japanese business practices already? Let them break away & fail (again).

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Exactly this.

Since Ghosn stepped down as CEO Nissan has seen a series of compliance breaches...Nissan reverting back to "traditional" Japanese business practices already? Let them break away & fail (again).

It explains why Ghosn planned on canning Saikawa.

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