Nissan says new models in key markets to be electrified by early 2030s


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Nissan. A great initiative! I would never in my wildest dreams ever purchase a Nissan, but you guys just keep trying so hard to think of new ways to sell your automobiles even after you have seen a lot of your models, Ghosn to the wind. Cheers to you Nissan! Great story and great to see Nissan thinking ahead. ; ^ 0

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At least they've made the commitment. Nissan was first in Japan to commercialise the "Zero Emission" phrase with the 1st gen Leaf, and its e-Power system is selling well. The new Note is now solely e-Powered.... that says something about the direction they are travelling in.

Nissan may be a joke to some people due to the Ghosn situation but there's still a global company in the background forging ahead. I might not ever buy a Nissan but it won't have anything to do with the handling of Ghosn, it'll have everything to do with price and usefulness according to my needs..... just like any other brand.

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We need to take big steps to try to prevent run-away global warming. It may already be too late.

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what a "nice speed".just wondering if Nissan brand will survive until than,just look around you at your competition,no one have that boring and unatractive car line up like Nissan,followed closely by Mitsubishi...

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I actually purchased a Nissan Leaf which I returned 30 days later.


Supposed to have at least 200kms or something like 100 miles.

It was not brand new about 5 years old. Issues? The damn battery fully charge would only take me 80kms! Yes that rights, the battery in just 5 years degraded that much! It's not a damn cell phone, it should last decades!

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That would be too late. Ghosn drafted the plan for electrification two or three years ahead of Elon Musk, yet the Japanese oyajis crucified Ghosn for being successful as a non-Japanese person.

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Nissan in 2030 ?


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