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Nissan shakes up board, but keeps Saikawa as CEO

By Miwa Suzuki and Anne Beade

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given that Nissan's management has very little confidence" in the French executive.

Geez, I'll bet he feels the same way about Nissan!

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If Nissan wants to see profits again, they need to be rid of Saikawa and his BS.

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I won't buy a Nissan until Carlos Ghosn is free.

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Best corporate governance structure: a worker co-op. You can still sell preferred shares, but workers (those that actually built the company) run it through representatives. More profit sharing, less firing, and matches a democracy more than the current corporate elite dictatorship model.

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Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi Motors make up an unusual three-way alliance that has grown to become the top-selling car group.

Mitsubishi Motors receives the lowest rating among Japanese car companies.

Report of fuel economy lies, Hide recall problem ...

Mitsubishi Motors is a burden on Nissan Motors.

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Not much positive news since a secret internal report was handed to prosecutors who as far as I know have yet to verify much of it. Or the fact the CEOs right hand man was also ambushed at the airport arriving on the premise of an urgent meeting. Nissan has created a cloud over its self, self destruction self made by those who were gaining much now loosing more.

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I won't buy a Nissan until Carlos Ghosn is free.

Ive always wondered why anyone would buy one anyway! (Coming from a Toyota fan club member! lol!)

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No surprises here. Saikawa is not a foreigner. Can't let him go. When the business fails, which it already is, after getting rid of Ghosn, they'll just keep blaming it on him, as they already are.

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"With the lessons from the recent executive misconduct still fresh, Nissan resolves to rigorously pursue separation of supervisory and executive functions," said the firm.

It would appear from this statement that the company has decided to tar and feather all accusations prior to any actual conviction.

That is just incompetent PR work right there.

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Saikawa is a gamma male. Nissan is doomed.

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I see little hope for Nissan in the near future. Saikawa? He’s at the heart of the problem. I wonder if it’s almost too late for Nissan.

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Not often I see an article where everyone is in agreement in the comments. No argument here either. Saikawa has to go.

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Official Nissan communication:

But in the end, it was a "unanimous" decision to keep Saikawa in his job, Ihara said.

According to Reuters:

However, a source close to Senard said there had been no vote earlier this week, unanimous or otherwise, on Saikawa’s reappointment as CEO.


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The priority seems to be keeping it Japanese and restoring Nissan as a Japanese carmaker not profits imho.

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I know I'm just stating the obvious, but, had Ghosn been Japanese, I can't imagine any of this happening, even if the worst accusations are all true. And the protection of Saikawa is just one more later to the cover-up.

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Saikawa...........Better left unsaid.

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Well atleast, We know...............what Nissan is all abt . Too bad for Nissan and its current share-holders.

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[(Nissan after 2018) Or (Future of Nissan with Saikawa) ]

 (Onaji Jōkyō)

[(Nissan before 1998) Or (Past (Nissan With Saikawa)],

The equation will be validated in the coming future.

Ghosn will be able of nothing anymore,  it is too late !

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to say:

[(Nissan after 2018) Or (Future(Nissan with Saikawa) ]


[(Nissan before 1998) Or (Past (Nissan With Saikawa)],

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I won't buy a Nissan until Carlos Ghosn is free.

I will never buy a Nissan again.

Ive always wondered why anyone would buy one anyway! (Coming from a Toyota fan club member! lol!)

I don't think that I will buy a Japanese car until Japan fixes it's so-called justice system.

In fact, anything Japanese is from now on bottom of the list whenever possible. I don't like Pearl Harbour tactics.

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