OECD: BOJ will need to rethink policy if inflation remains elusive


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Why should a high savings country with and old, aging declining population, with highly expensive property prices in big cities (Tokyo & Osaka where most people live) aim for 2% inflation?

Isn't this objective plain stupidity?

The people will benefit most if the rate of inflation is zero, or very mild deflation where their purchasing power is retained, and not an artificially conceived inflation and encouraging the highly indebted government to waste more funds in wasteful projects and accumulate even more debts to bankrupt the nation & citizens.

BOJ should think deeply and not follow the standard prescribed formula which is misplaced for Japanese conditions.

An artificial stock & property bubble (celebration now just like in the 1980s) created by current policy when burst will ensure Japanese economy & markets probably will not recover for another 25 years or longer. (Longer & worse than the bursting of the 1980s bubble when population was much younger).

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Force corporations to pay their workers more. Problem solved.

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Property prices in Tokyo are actually relatively cheap if you compare with say those within London, or New York.

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