Olympic merchandise selling well as Japan's medal haul grows


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Citizens of any host country get taxed to death so why on earth would they buy items which are already paid for by their taxed money?

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Yes, I know about the online sales. But look at the pic attached to the article.

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The misprint 2020 and the special corona situation make those Tokyo Olympic goods maybe a collector’s item in some decades. On the other side, there are too many produced of it and probably no significant buyers’s base in the future. You also can’t say it’s kind of memorabilia , because no one of the masses is allowed to be really there, so they of course can’t have memories at all. It’s just only a speculation or bet or having too much pocket money.

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But I thought Suga said everyone should stay home. So which is it, Stay home as told or go out and buy the stuff so Suga can later claim Olympics was a success?

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Who is buying all this stuff?

The 80% who were against holding the Olympics?

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And who profits from all of these merchandise sales? Certainly not the average taxpayers of Japan and Tokyo, who will be expected to foot the gargantuan bill for these Olympics. What a complete racket.

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Japan is doing very well and should be proud. Australia also punching above its weight as usual.

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The store, which requires visitors to undergo temperature checks and sanitize their hands, was packed recently with customers bumping shoulders in order to purchase Olympic items.

Only in Japan does 2 meters mean 2 millimeters

"If Japan keeps winning medals, maybe more people will visit (the store)," said the store's manager.

Just pack them in and never mind the risk of infection as long as the money keeps on flowing…

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People are like children. Getting excited after watching one event on TV. Dear god.

I’m surprised that there aren’t any talento going around like children promoting the memorabilia while saying “suge!” or “eeeeh! Kawaii!”

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this article was paid for by….

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Dentsu comes up with the best marketing and press strategies. They are such clever folks overthere.

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Needless to say there were better mascot options available. One of many mistakes by the organizers.

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People race out to buy stuff then a year later you find all that stuff at thrift stores.

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It's hard to imagine that the authors of this piece are so tone deaf that they don't realise how it makes Japan, and Japanese people, look to the outside world, at least some of whom presumably frequent this site.

"The Japanese people were largely against the Olympics. Then Japan won lots of medals, so the people bought lots of merchandise and said that the Olympics were wonderful".

I mean, to borrow an internet phrase, srsly?

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Olympic merchandise selling well as Japan's medal haul grows

this is really cute

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Better jack up the prices and sell em all right now, because in about ten days, all the bandwagon fans will be over it.

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A big sports store in downtown Osaka had heavily discounted all of their Olympic souvenirs back in winter & spring. They couldn't give it away so some of it ended up in UFO catchers in the game center on the upper floor.

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Haha. Ok!

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Oh look how good Olympics are for the economy - NOT

How about businesses of Izakaya, restaurants which are targeted and suffering since the start?

Another PR news to highlight how Japanese people are shifting their views about Olympics once it has started as predicted by our deal leader

And then these jokers wonder why residents are not staying indoors and venturing outdoors - you cannot make this kind mixed messaging even if you tried otherwise...

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@John Noun

It's a Kyodo article. Take it with a 1-ton block of salt.

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People are like children. Getting excited after watching one event on TV. Dear god.

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