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Rakuten profit jumps fourfold on $1 billion Lyft stake gain

By Sam Nussey

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I always said Mikitani is running Rakuten into the ground. Lyft is longterm an unsustainable business concept and he has overpaid for many foreign acquisitions. Rakuten mobile will fail, he entered that market too late and the 3 big guys will counter him on pricing moves if he tries that. The shrinking population and an outdated website will hurt the core rakuten business, amazon will do the rest. His branding and corporate image efforts in sportsmarketing are madness with no strategy between the different sponsorships. Rakuten will be one of the first big victims in the next financial crisis

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Rakuten will be one of the first big victims in the next financial crisis

Lol oh boy, you really have no idea what's about to happen. I'd advise you to hang onto your breeches

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I have actually bought something on Rakuten. It wasn't a bad experience but Amazon just smokes them for ease of use for foreigners.

I will be totally shocked if they can get any traction in the mobile biz. Great, relatively cheap plans offered by Yahoo Mobile on Softbank's network.

Honestly, what kind of customer changes carrier to get a 100 yen discount a month??

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80% of my online buying is from Amazon and 20% from Rakuten. The Rakuten site is more difficult to use but they do have internationals sites too. I frequently check both sites before making a purchase decision. Never been disappointed by my Rakuten purchases. Since Rakuten is a merchants site you pay sales tax.

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Things are more expensive on Rakuten compared to Amazon because of the extremely

high cost of maintaining a store at Rakuten. With cheapest plan costing 19,500yen per month

payable in one instalment you get 500MB for pics and listing limit of 5,000 items, Servers don't

cost anything it is unbelievable that Rakuten is not investing in the market place which it is it's core


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