Reeling from coronavirus, Asia's poultry farmers battle bird flu outbreak

By Rajendra Jadhav and Yuka Obayashi

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Fowl in Japan are kept in the most crowded and appalling conditions.

It is possible to locate a chicken producing factory here by smell alone.

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This is one of the many reasons why I refuse to eat meat.

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Why would somebody want to eat decaying animal flesh?

People should actually see the places they are produced and google animal to human disease transmission.

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First corona and now bird flu, this will give the final push to switch from majority non vegetarian diet, to majority vegetarian diet..

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This year a lot if new strains of viruses are provoked...

I think that this new type of the flu has also been influenced by COVID-19. That is, originally existing flu has been united with COVID and the new strain of flu has come up. If so, COVID-19 will become the cause of a lot of unexpected, unprecedented diseases.

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Why would somebody want to eat decaying animal flesh?

Most people eat it before it starts to decay. But to each his own.

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