Renault's revenue, net profit down in 2018


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Now, from a business point of view, this move for Renault is not very positive and if Renault have the brains to think in a business way, Renault did exactly as Nissan Japan wanted. They ' killed ' their best general. Now they not only got a Japanese Back-stabber but lost money as well. May I know , with all the brains at Renault ,

how did they fall into such a trap ???. In a business move Nissan got Renault's general & reduce their pay out to Renault as well. Hey, WHERE IS THE FUN HERE ???.

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Compliments of Nissan BOD & Upper Management.

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Better get Ghosn out of jail and back into Renault, eh?

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Yes, Carlos better be out of jail as soon as possible. Who knows what people will do at Nissan ???.It is great that Renault decline Nissan plan to elect a chairman for Nissan Japan. Imagine using hard earned share-holders money to do , what those people like saikawa wants. Pls do not use our money. Renault , pls put aside yr personal wars with Carlos and put Carlos back to work. At least, we know , what Carlos may have done. But if u compare him to trump, what Carlos have done is peanuts. By the way, the head lines ..............New Renault chairman meets saikawa, is no more interesting to us, Japanese share-holders. it is just old Japanese style to say, look, how Great I am, I met a French man. The new Japanese young people , esp investors, think in this way, what do u think, u met, so what ???,saikawa. this must be a joke, we all speak, write & understands English. who do u take us for ???.

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