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Renault-Nissan can overhaul alliance without ownership change, chairman says

By Naomi Tajitsu

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rolling back a previous push towards a full-blown merger that rankled Nissan.

So after all of this, Nissan and Japan Inc. will get what they want, even if they take the ship down with them?

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Sad to say, but this was the plan always for this crumbling alliance. You need make products and keep current with what the market and people really want. At least for Nissank, the CVT transmission, is your weakest link. I know JATCO is your subsidiary so you must improve the reliability and/or offer is very select models. The people want a 6-8, or even 10 speed auto transmission. Imagine in North America the Altima, Maxima and even the Sentra had a non CVT transmission. Perceived Quality (PQ) would be high and you could ride out this out. Hyundai/Kia and the Jeep brand will overtake you in 2020! Ghosn predicts you, Nissank will go bankrupt in 2-3 years. Let's see what you can do Uchida-san!

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Does Ghosn still own shares in both companies?

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It's like stitching 3 heads on one body. It's doomed to fail. Ghosn knows. Everyone knows, except Nissan executives and Japanese prosecutors lol

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Nissan... Just ignore the fact that Renault send in a guy call Ghosn, who's a thief, liar, criminal, runaway coward, who destroyed Nissan car quality, image overseas, it was all about the short term profit. That's how alot of foreigners think. Short term profit so when they leave a big fat giant paycheck for millions will go in their pocket.

Come on Japan, we want to repeat that disaster. Why would you be against it. Your not backrupt yet.... Will get you there eventually.

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