Ruble plunges 26%, stocks sink as West tightens Russia sanctions

By Yuri Kageyama

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A run on the central bank of Russia and its subsequent collapse would be a beautiful thing. Putin would be taken down from within.

Footage shows long line at Moscow ATM as sanctions against Russia have residents scrambling

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There are always consequences when totalitarian nations think it is ok to invade others and wage a war of terror on innocent citizens.

You reap what you sow, Putin. Lets see how much your people like you when the ruble is reduced to nothing.

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The Russian army is being defeated in the field, while the Russian economy is collapsing at home. All in the course of just 5 days. Quite the reversal for Putin.

This is likely to go down as Russia's 21st century equivalent the Battle of Tsushima.

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Putin and Russia becoming more desperate by the hour. The world bar China is strangling Russia and it will get worse, much worse before it gets any better.

Should Russia succeed in invading Ukraine it then must fight resistance, and still the world will be exacting a financial and trade toll on Russia.

Putin has put Russia's future in a box and he does not have the key to open that box.

Russia is helically wrapped around an inclined plane. Putin even more so.

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This is going to feed into his understanding of reality (paranoia), that the west is "out to get Russia", also that the war is on going and though he is not losing, as he tanks get taken out, he is not winning -- his tanks are redundant on modern battlefields. Russia should have watched the recent 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war. Whenever Russia begins to lose, look how they win: Chechnya, Syria... Terrifying possibilities, war loses itself in chaos, no one knows how it will turn out, so, someone, relieve Putin of his power, by whatever means.

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To be

-6 ( +5 / -11 )

To be

Putin expected his armies to be humiliated and his economy to be destroyed in under a week? I doubt that. Its pathetic.

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Some oligarchs are complaining that they can’t get access to their European mansions, yachts & planes that have all been confiscated

Tell it to Putin

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Putin underestimated both the Ukranian people's resolve and the West's warnings.

The number of Russian people protesting the war at home are only going to increase as the economy tanks.

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Where is this heading?

An escape route for the people of Ukraine and yes a step back from the global unthinkable?

The stakes couldn't be higher, I am a gambler, I know when to take a step back.

President Putin believed he could throw a tsunami of military hardware troops everything a General could wave a stick at.

The downside, the Ukraine people will fight to the last, and the Russian Army won't bleed to death for a cause they not for a minute believe in.

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the Zelensky regime is forcibly conscripting all men between the ages of 18-60 into the Ukrainian army

It's called conscription, countries do it when they are forced into a war.

Which is why there is a mass exodus out of the cities

The exodus is of women, children and the elderly. Men are escorting their families to the border and then returning to fight. Many more are entering Ukraine to search for family members, or to fight.

the regime is asking these non-military young men and senior to take up arms against highly trained Russian soldiers 

'Non-military' they may be, but they are fighting for their country.

Russian POWs claim they were reservists supposedly on exercises, who were told they would be shot if they didn't track Ukraine. (Getting shot is more dire that being sent for basic training)


Shouting doesn't make it true. We've all seen the picture of residential blocks with holes blown in them, unexploded shells sticking end-up in residential streets. Schools, orphanages and kindergartens have been hit. Hundreds of thousands of civilians without electricity, food or water, hundreds of homes destroyed. A cluster bomb was dropped on a hospital in Vuhledar.

Either Mad Vlad is deliberately targeting civilians, or his 'highly trained' Russian soldiers have lousy aim.

Dangerous at the very least and lethal to the core.

Look in the mirror.

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Look into the Cuban missle crisis and tell me what's different?

OK, lets look at that.

Cuba actually had Soviet nukes. Ukraine does not have any American nukes, nor was it in any way threatening, or capable, of attacking Russia.

The United States did not invade Cuba. Granted the CIA tried and failed to get a bunch of Cuban exiles to overthrow Castro a couple of years earlier, but that is a far cry from amassing an army of nearly 200,000 to invade it.

If the US military had invade Cuba, it probably would have done a better job than what Russia is doing.

I’m probably missing a few things, but that is a start.

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The economic pain will be short term. Once Putin and his stormtroopers in Ukraine are dead/gone, the markets will shoot back up. Large market changes are an opportunity for the rich to make money.

This will not endear Putin to China, as it has seen the creation of a non-nuclear playbook in response to an invasion, of Ukraine or Taiwan.

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@rainyday, there is only a small similarity between Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the Cuban missile crisis of the early 60s. I was ten years old when that was happening. Russia was threatening the US by trying to place nuclear missiles in Cuba. Those missiles were not actually there when JFK ordered a naval blockade of the Russian ships that were attempting to deliver them, and then he told Russia to turn those ships around or he'd blow them out of the water and launch his own nukes at Russia.

Ukraine got rid of its nukes decades ago, so there was and is no such threat from that country against Russia. If they'd kept those nukes and Putin made the threat he made a few days ago, Ukraine's response would have definitely been ratcheted up to MAD. And even if Ukraine joined NATO they wouldn't install nuclear missiles. NATO doesn't do that.

And mad pretty much describes Putin.

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A weaker ruble is expected to cause inflation to surge, potentially angering Russians whose budgets will be stretched by soaring prices. It will also add to strains across Russia's financial systems.

Expect the little leprechaun to pull a NK stunt and start saying he will start building more powerful nuclear missiles. Once this dog gets backed into a corner he will start to salivate because not only will the world be against him but his own people and perhaps his military.

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Things are definitely not going as smoothly as Vlad the Invader had assumed they would.

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As the wounded pour back in to Russia their families will start to learn the reality of what is going on in Ukraine and how they were lied to and massively mislead. Whether Poo tin honestly believed in his paranoid bubble that the Ukrainian people would welcome the invaders as liberators is moot.

Certainly that is what the propaganda, fed to the reservists called up for “exercises” then thrown in to the meat grinder claimed.

As things go further wrong for the all powerful Poo tin the danger is he will start to unleash some horrific weapons at his disposal, with no regard for civilian casualties as his record in Chechnya and Syria proves. The probability of a palace coup in Russia is unfortunately low. The elite in Russia have always backed the leader, they and their families are hostage to the state machinery and the FSB (KGB by another name) back him with all the ruthless brutality they used to keep the soviet regime in place long after its sell by date.

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Perhaps this may awaken more Russians as to what's going on ? Or maybe Putin will use it as an excuse saying the West has attacked Russia with Fake news...

He'll likely claim it. But just like some idiots say we shouldn't respond to him because he'll ramp up, you must stand up to bullies, and using their tactics against them is often how it must be done. Russia has been hacking the west and spreading misinformation for years. I hope Anonymous spreads both real info, as well as disinformation. The Russian nation must be made to collapse, hopefully into darkness for 100 years or so. They need to be too busy lining up for cabbage to even look at the rest of the world again.

Russian people - we're waiting for you to rise up and take out Putin. It's your only hope now. Don't be losers, take him out.

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The number of Russian people protesting the war at home are only going to increase as the economy tanks.

And as dead soldiers come home for burial .....

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This is going to feed into his understanding of reality (paranoia), that the west is "out to get Russia", also that the war is on going and though he is not losing, as he tanks get taken out, he is not winning -- his tanks are redundant on modern battlefields. Russia should have watched the recent 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war. 

Tanks per se are not obsolete. Far from it actually. If you notice many NATO armies that had divested of their heavy armor after the end of the Cold War found out very quickly that was a mistake when they entered the war in Afghanistan. Russian tanks have specific weaknesses the best western tanks do not repeat. The Russian experience in the first attempt to take Grozny graphically demonstrated the weaknesses of Russian tanks in urban warfare, specifically their main guns could not depress or elevate sufficiently to engage anti-tank missile shooters in basement windows or on upper floors of tall buildings. Russian tanks have very low turrets and auto loaders, both of which greatly restrict how far the gun can depress or elevate. Their auto loaders also require 7 seconds to load a round during which the gun must be kept level and the turret cannot turn. Seven seconds in tank warfare is ages. Only after the round is loaded may the tank commander aim at their next target. US and German tanks are manually loaded. The turret and gun can be moving to aim at the next target while the loader loads the next round. Four seconds max, hot crews can load in less than that. US and German tanks can be engaging one target while simultaneously the tank commander finds the next target. The Russian tanks can't do that. In Iraq US and British tanks were scoring on shot kills on Iraqi T-72 while on the move (they were shooting while the tank was moving over terrain !) from ranges beyond the ability of the Russian sensors to even detect the US and British tanks. The last big weakness in Russian tanks again relates to the auto loader. That autoloader requires about 20 rounds be kept inside the turret feeding the gun. Any hit causes that ammo to blow, sending the turret skyward and blowing the engine out the rear. Most western tanks and certainly those of the US, Germany, UK and Japan, store their ammo at the rear of the turret behind a titanium bulkhead with a blow out panel on top. There is no ammo inside the crew compartment. Hits to the ammo bustle blow the top off the bustle but the titanium bulkhead protects the crew and the tank is easily repaired afterwards. The US Army found infantry supported heavy armor to be essential for urban warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even the German Army had to bring their big Leopards to Afghanistan.

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