Ruling bloc endorses tax breaks on cars, homes; fiscal reform in doubt

By Tetsushi Kajimoto

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The smaller the engine the bigger the tax break, on a sliding scale, but not for those already owning such a car, my wife says.

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Only the wealthy or country dwellers buy cars and as for owning a house?

Anything decent is far too expensive and as for passing it on?

Not a chance as the inheritance tax is too high!!!!

How about zeroing tax on food and books and internet companies?

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Great timing. Just as CO24 ends and the need to cut CO2 is ever more urgent.

This government are now encouraging more people to drive and buy new houses - rather than renovate some of the 8 million homes lying empty AND as population is falling.

Beyond ridiculous.

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will be cut by 4,500 yen a unit.-Laughable. What a joke. Abenomics for you.

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we'll do a tax hike..... except that would be too simple...... so maybe we should think about changing our mind.... maybe.... but then..... Mmmmm..... let's just make it as confusing as possible, then maybe, just maybe, people won't notice the confidence trick.....

SOP in the land of the definite maybe.......

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Do taxes make countries?

Better beware next year.

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Yes because we all should give our money to car companies and construction companies to "help" the economy.

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Stop taxing food.

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Taxes on food?

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A 2% increase in consumption tax is going to hit a lot harder for everyday things like food and utilities, not one-time purchases like a house or a car. But I guess that wouldn't occur to a lot of these silver-spoon politicians. The average Taro gets squeezed once again.

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so, they offset the tax increase by lowering taxes on commodities bought with disposable income. Perhaps someone needs to give these twits a good old face slap and remind them that, due to their economic policies people do not have disposable income.

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Do taxes make countries?

Better beware next year.

I'm not sure if a tax can make a country, but I suspect you missed an adjective like "better " or "happier".

In that case, the answer is apparently "yes".

Finland is top of the world for happiness, according to the World Happiness Report 2018, closely followed by Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Nordic countries take four out of the five top spots, and are well known to be stable, safe and socially progressive. There is very little corruption, and the police and politicians are trusted.

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I seriously don't know whether to laugh or CRY reading this BS!

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For those that have a choice, moving to a lower tax (income, sales, inheritance, etc.) will automatically increase your after tax income. Just saying...

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Typical government power grab. They raise taxes on everyone and then decide which industries and individuals will be given a tax break.

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A used Rover mini car costs 2.18 million yen? This must be a new car. Still, a very expensive used car.

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This doesn’t help me since I will never buy a brand new car or a brand new house with its cheap prefabricated materials, no insulation, and a 3 square meter area for my car, BBQ, work shed, storage shed and a chicken coop.

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I don't have, or want, a car and the home is already paid for so these measures will make no difference to me. Still, we're getting a whopping 0.2% pay rise next year, leaving me only 1.8% worse off after the tax hike. And they wonder why consumption is falling.

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