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S Korean cosmetics firm boss quits over YouTube video praising Japan

By Behrouz MEHRI

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LoL something about SK having more freedom of speech... only in some alternate universe and they think there will be a smooth transition to a United Korea...I want what they are smoking cause it must be potent...

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Once again, a striking display of how the Korean government and its rabid anti-Japan base acts, as compared to how the Japanese government and the Japanese people have acted throughout this 'trade war' nonsense.

I praise Yoon for being one of the few sensible South Koreans in positions of power. Yet, as per usual, is forced to resign due to bullying from the ignorant masses who simply cannot accept that their own government is wrong, and that Japan is always bad.

Mr. Yoon, I salute you! Best wishes in the next step of your career and life.

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The video also refers to Venezuela's crippling economy, where "women are going into prostitution for mere seven dollars", and adds that South Korea is not far from meeting a similar fate.

Probably more about THIS than anything to do with Japan! The issue of prostitution, Korea, and Japan, is a sensitive subject to say the least, and to infer that the women of Korea are facing it, is a slap in the face to their pride.

At any other time, THIS would have been the headline!

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I was wondering why SK are so fired up by this event, then I read that 20% of South Korea's GDP is from Samsung, the country and the rest of the people exist pretty much to support Samsung's economic activity, it's little wonder that Japan's move is taken as "personal" to most Koreans, we're literally threatening their means to life.

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With relations the way they are now, you even utter the word "Japan" in Korea and you are liable to need cosmetic surgery.

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S. Korean Government must take responsible and honor treaty with Japan which singed agreement by two Governments leaders.

The S. Korean President Moon Jae-in's insisting for Japanese Government to share forced labor compensation scheme has losing billion of dollars for S. Korean Hi-tech manufacturers due to Japanese Government export ban for high-tech materials.

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You must be so old that you have forgotten that 3 days ago the Japanese government threatened to pull out funding for Nagoya if they don't stop the Comfort Women exhibition. And where did you even read the word "government" in this story? You need new glasses, Old man. This was a consumers boycott of the business, not the government. In a democratic society, when you don't like what a business is doing, you boycott them, you don't call in the government to shut them down.

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