Staff-strapped companies turning to 'Yankees,' non-college grads


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Anyway, I think Hassyadai (Launchpad) are doing great work.

They were featured on a TV show recently.

I just hope that these youngsters aren't treated as secondclass employees by whoever takes them on.

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@kawabegawa198 - You are 1/2 right

One one hand, for entry level jobs there is a labor shortage in Japan. Trying to find a good engineer here now is quite difficult (I have tried - and the salary is more than enough to buy a house, etc.).

On the other hand, the wages are amazingly low. I hear what some people make and it is amazing they can get by, I would say however their quality of life (for lower incomes) is quite a bit higher than it is in my home country.

This is a global issue - due to greed, wages have been driven down for decades now. Where cheaper labor can be found large corporations and big entities will take advantage whether it is shipping jobs overseas or taking advantage of those at a disadvantage (in the U.S. that would be those in the country illegally - in Japan it would be the trainee program).

This is a trend that is unlikely to change and as the advent of technology takes more and more jobs a breaking point will eventually be reached.

In the end good on these young men and women for dreaming and giving it a go! I hope they succeed

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They're probably not used to chairs after years of sitting on the ground outside convenience stores.

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Agree with Geoff...Forgodsake give these people chairs to sit on.

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Why are they all sitting on the floor? Are "Yankees" not entilted to chairs or something...?

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I was at a station some years ago needing to get to a place called Yanki. I asked the platform guy how to get there, he replied, "Yanki gou homu."

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It's nice to see ppl apology for the wrong info @Strangerland

Yep, @Matthew Harding - Bravo Zulu!

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Sounds like a great way to get cheap labor. I agree with kawabegawa198. This is simply a way to get people to do the SAME job as someone more qualified for smaller wages. Then again what does is say about all those "qualified" workers who work 80 hours a week and hardly get anything done.

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Thanks, I stand corrected.

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If you ask most people what is a Yankee, they will respond with hair and clothing style description.

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The phrase originated in part because the " Yankee " copied the young American G.I.'s (who were in Japan after World War 2) fashion and mannerisms.

Americans in that era often did act delinquent by Japanese standards.

The Yankee of Japan similarily is a counter culture to traditional Japanese manners and rules of society.

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From many years of teaching in high schools and colleges, I'd say these 'yankees' are far more motivated to work than half of the parasitic, cell phone addicted zombies I've taught in colleges.

The use of the word 'Yankees' is as offensive as it is ridiculous!

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let's turn to non-qualified Japanese than hire highly qualified foreign worker!

TIJ indeed

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It's yanki, not yankee. Yanki comes from ヤンキッド (yan kiddo - young kid). Using 'yankee' without reference to the origin, and referencing delinquency, it makes it sound like they are saying Americans represent delinquency.

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Good opportunity for some, I'm sure, but selling internet door to door? Good luck.

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Hey, I was a Yankee certified accountant and in IT at age 17.

Don't look down on them most are mature and better trained with an 'I will succeed ' attitude. Said my age range many IT staff never graduated from Uni.

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What happened Abe's plan to change Article 17 so that all. Japanese will have free education until they graduate Senior HS? Recruiting uneducated Americans by con men? Another school scandal?

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Graduates ain’t all that.

Some of those young folk probably didn’t get a descent break in their HS years.

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In Japan there’s always just one way to do everything.

But hey if it’s foreigners that’s the other option let’s turn to the Yankees.

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Oddly written.

Correct me if I am wrong but I suspect the ones considered "Yankees" by the organisers do not like being called that. Who wants to be called a delinquent.

"You spent a lot of time talking but didn't answer my questions at all."

Not only having to talk about the significance of the program but then having their answers rated as well? How very self-congratulatory.

I can imagine it though. I have experience with a few essentially useless but self congratulating "shukatsu" (job hunting) programs for students myself.

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What there is a shortage of is decently-paid, secure employment, the kind of job where you can one day hope to buy a house, raise a family etc.

The market reforms are aimed at ending such employment, deeming it "inflexible."

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There is no such thing as a labor shortage in Japan. Pure myth. What there is a shortage of is decently-paid, secure employment, the kind of job where you can one day hope to buy a house, raise a family etc.

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Haha - Yeah "Yankee" is a delinquent youth! I always get a kick out this and yes I do see the humor in it as a long term "Yankee" expat in Japan.

Sounds cool - I hope the program succeeds and is mutually beneficial for employee and employer.

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"Yankee Internship" Just cos you didnt go to uni should not mean you are termed a yankee, pretty poor imo.

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