Stocks rise on hope that worst of economic plunge has passed

By Yuri Kageyama

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Isn't that BCG vaccination that did the majic. I suspect.

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 "Seems money over-rides human life."

It seems you didn't read this part:


"Also helping to boost the market...was a federal regulatory approval for the second phase of testing on a potential COVID-19 vaccine..." 

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On topic: Seems money over-rides human life.

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People are still dying- I can’t see any reason to celebrate!

The virus has not gone away....

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It was a crazy ride this morning! Missed two rockets but caught a third.

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Stock market is not the economy.

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It seems somehow Japanese have a stronger immunity to the virus or suffer less severe symptoms.

Interesting theory. I guess, along with Japanese, Australians, Kiwis, Taiwanese, South Koreans, Hong Kongers etc share this unique "strong immunity"? Could be worthy of some medical research.

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