Stung by WeWork, SoftBank boss Son aims to be more cautious

By Sam Nussey and Rocky Swift

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Son seems to have a habit of over committing and going too much against the grain. All signs pointed to WeWork failing to become a long term marketable company. They were losing money even before their IPO. Son wanted to commit.

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My cat saw this one coming...

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Son is way in over his head. Silicon Valley isn't a Japanese oligopoly, no matter how much Mideast oil money (aka "bubble fuel") you have. He needs to go back to safe, protected Japan and stay there, for everyone's sake.

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Everyone thought Son had the Midas touch, including himself it seems, and he has found out that it just not so.

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Is this news?

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Stick to what you know? Actually the Wework IPO should've been expedited to get that 50 billion of public money!

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IMHO, WeWork, Uber etc. are both symbols of capitalism gone over the edge. These are perfect textbook examples of greed and exploitation, and I'd be certain communist marxist textbooks will give them as examples of the evil of capitalism.

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