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Suntory needs time: Whisky casks dry up for 2 premium products

By Noam Galai

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Don't waste a good 17 year old in a highball!

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I assume it's not only because of the japanese market, but also because japanese whisky became well recognize abroad in recent years. Also Irish style pubs are becoming more popular here.

I agree with Manny, I can't imagine a 17 year old being wasted in a high ball.

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First butter then potatoes now whiskey I'm in trouble that's my diet! Was there no realisation before a suspension was required? I'm not confident of their business plan. You know what they say about a drunk in a distillery......

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There's Hibiki in Seiyu, but it's not 17 year old. "24 seasons" which I guess means six years?

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I think I saw some bottles of 17 old Hibiki at the Suntory diner in Umeda Osaka, so I assume those bottle's prices will increase heavily now.

I still have a bottle left at home unopened, maybe it will fetch a nice price at a yahoo auction.

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I still have a bottle left at home unopened

You have a stronger will than I will ever have, Sir.

"It takes an enormous amount of time to make whisky. The current popularity of 'highball', and how it (has) continued for years now, was beyond what we could have expected,"

...and we refuse to sell it to philistines who pour soda water into it.

there is no telling when the firm will have enough supplies to resume sales

Don't they know how many vats they started 12 years ago for Hakushu and 17 years ago for Hibiki? Assuming they make a new batch of the stuff every year, doesn't that mean the stuff they started 12/17 years ago will be ready for sale in a year? Am I missing something?

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The best whisky..... Suntory and Nikka!

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Plenty of other good whiskey out there in the interim, if you honestly believe this is best.

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I don’t know if I’m just good at convincing myself or a philistine ( I’ve been enjoying many different whiskies for about 25 years ), but I don’t see much difference in whiskies priced at about ¥4,000 and over. Yes, I know I’m using the plural for scotch.

Hakushu 12 is good. Hakushu is good. Tory’s is just nasty.

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For relaxing times, make it Suntory time

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"partly because of the renewed popularity of the whisky-and-soda "highball",

I don't buy this for a single second. This is just poor reporting. No one mixes a 50,00, 10,000, or especially a 20,000 yen whisky with soda. I drink at enough cocktail bars to anedicalty report that 99 out of 100 people I have seen drink decent whisky drink it straight, on the rocks, or mixed with a splash of water at the most.

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And I forget to spell check "anecdotally"

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The story doesn't say people are using high-end whisky for high-balls. It says the HB has garnered interest among more Japanese for whisky, thus prompting more sales.

Anyway, high-balls and other cocktails are perfectly fine for good whisky, depending on the occasion. If it's summer at the beach, better to have an HB than neat, regardless of how your palate is tuned!

"5 Myths About Whiskey, Debunked"


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No one mixes a 50,00, 10,000, or especially a 20,000 yen whisky with soda.

I've seen it, it's very sad. Usually it's the folk who have received the stuff as a gift and have no idea what they're drinking. (and if they drown it in soda, they never will have any idea....)

high-balls and other cocktails are perfectly fine for good whisky

No. Just, No.

I'm not saying you can't make a good highball with a good whisky. The point is that you can make an equally good one with stuff that costs a third of the price or less, so why waste the good stuff?

"5 Myths About Whiskey, Debunked"

Those are myths about whiskey, not whisky, and the last line - all whisk(e)y is good whiskey, no matter where it’s from - gives the game away. The author knows not of what he speaks.

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