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Suzuki recalls 2 mil vehicles in Japan over faulty data, improper inspections

By Kazuhiro Nogi

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recalling two million vehicles shipped domestically, citing improper inspections and a series of other faults including false fuel efficiency data.

Recalling them? They should be refunding them!

Another case of an unscrupulous Japanese corporation lying to and ripping off consumers on an extremely large scale with no corporate fraud charges. TIJ!

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Yeah, but which models? Wish they'd be a little more specific.

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Fuel economy is one reason someone would choose one car over others. The car market is very competitive and every model has several very similar rivals. This means that faking fuel economy is effectively fraud. You can fix faulty brakes or redo an inspection, but you cannot rerun the customer's process of choosing the car.

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was planning to buy hustler or specia gear

good thing it didnt happen

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Yeah, but which models?

All, presumably.

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Yeah, but which models? Wish they'd be a little more specific.

I would avoid anything Suzuki, until it is made clear.

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Sorry they were caught.

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Oh, darned, both my wife and me have a Suzuki K.

No complaints so far, but we shall see on Monday (service).

Definitely will point this out to them.

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Is there ANY Japanese company that doesn't cheat nowadays?

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