Takeda says it may double imports of Moderna shots to help accelerate Japan vaccination


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I thought the issue was not having enough vaccines, but an issue with not having enough qualified Doctors with 14 degees to be able to administer the vaccine?

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Takeda says it may double imports of Moderna shots

Or, of course, they may not.

Could somebody try being just a little more decisive?

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I guess the thinking is if they have enough, the vaccine will enter the population by sheer volume or possibly osmosis?

because as it is now the government can't get the little they have into people's arms

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Takeda says it may double imports of Moderna shots to help accelerate Japan vaccination

Cool. How about doubling vaccination efforts?

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uuhmm..lets have a few meetings about the definition of " decisive ".

......or a committee of old guys that know zero about the subject.

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So much for Takeda developed a homegrown vaccine for Japan.

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Lots of ‘mays’ and ‘mights’ in Japan-no hard news to be had!

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This reads more like a press release aimed at investors than an actual news story. And why do we care if they import some Moderna vaccines when they’ve yet to produce any of the 250 million Novavax vaccines that were contracted last year? I hate to be so negative but I can’t help it when every story about vaccines illustrates so many failures.

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To put them in the freezer with the other 24 million Pfizer and Moderna vaccins already in storage ?

Lets see, first Japan did not succeed in making its own vaccin, then they did not order them in time, next we lacked needles for injection, no enough doctors and nurses and there are communication problems with the local administrations, the booking systems are badly conceived, the postal notifications overly complicated. Phone lines are overheated and online systems crash.

Repeated promises from the PM are constantly broken.

Did I forget any of the achievements?

OH yes, Those Dentsu trucks driving around town with these ridiculous banners but bringing more money in the Dentsu coffers.

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Gotta have a Japanese company in there to grease the wheels ¥¥¥

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Then put them in a freezer and have meetings about what to do with them.

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Japan will not start vaccination until they secure enough jab for each and every resident.

Missing one dose and they will postpone it until they get it.

Time to invest in in very deep freezers making companies.

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Maybe if Takeda had more actual interest in Human health rather than addictive 'energy' drinks, there would be a highly effective "Rising Sun" vaccine instead of panhandling vaccines from other places...

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