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People walk by posters promoting the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Image: AP/file

Tokyo Games cancelation likely to cost Japan ¥1.81 tril: Nomura


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How much is the cost if not canceled?

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Japan and IOC would lose a lot of money if cancelled. That's why they strongly want to hold the Olympics even if Tokyo remains under state of emergency and whatever. It is understandable but I don't it at all.

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who cares? You're insured, right? Right?

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What if new COVID variants spread through Japan. How much is someone’s life worth?

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I hope this study is on Nishimura's desk. The other figures that are eluding the spotlight are the number of patients who have recovered but are now facing debilitating aftereffects. These patients will not be able to contribute to the economy and Japan will need to restructure its rehabilitation and physical therapy practices. The new variant is especially hitting the 20 - 40-year-olds hard and these workers who are in their prime are the breadwinners in the household; losing them will no doubt place additional strain on the economy. Japan's Olympic Committee and Suga are only looking at the short-term figures, their decision to move forward with the games will impact generations to come. And as Japan struggles to recover, the IOC will move to the next country to pick its fruit...

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This stufy is complete and utter nonsense from an olympic sponsor

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are they saying it's a cost benefit for people to die? I don't understand

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So, how much money was the public gonna see from this Pandemic Olympics?


The government already steals everything. Why would this be any different on a non Olympic year?

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The problem is that IOC is the one who can make the bigger decision to cancel.

The government canceling would mean a breach of contract and a lose-lose situation for the government.

Base on how much salary the IOC committee are getting and the multiple corruptions riddled with it, I'm all for boycotting them.

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It only costs if it is paid.

4 ( +5 / -1 )

Who cares. Cancel them...

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I would say that is a fair trade for saving lives, and worth paying out to save potentially thousands. However, I am all but certain some economist has actually crunched the cost-benefit analysis over the average cost of a worker's life vs the economy, and how many people are "acceptable" to lose over the Olympics.

It is cold and depressing, but I am sure those are the numbers the government is poring over. How many people could die and still be profitable for them in the long run.

The only way they'd cancel at this point is if they think they'd lose more money by holding them.

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If the population of Japan doesn’t want the games to take place, isn’t it quite able to take direct action to make it impossible to hold them?

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Refusal to work at or aid anything to do with the Olympics would be a direct message from the workers of Japan.

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What a big propaganda piece. Did they even read the Nomura report?

"The Nomura Research Institute warns of even a bigger economic loss if a fresh state of emergency is declared to cope with another spike in coronavirus cases after the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics have been held as scheduled."

The above line is actually the main conclusion that Nomura give, yet the title is so biased as if Japan must hold the Olympics no matter what for the economy.

Besides, the 1.8T yen will only go to the politicians and their family/friends, and have nothing to do with the general public.

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17 billion dollars, if correct, is less than the estimated costs for actually holding the Olympics. The total cost hovers between 25 to 35 billion dollars. The majority of which is borne by Japanese Taxpayers.

Profits from TV rights are essentially property of the IOC and its main revenue stream. No Games, no payola for Bach and his IOC cronies.

The financial loss is built into the games and is primarily shouldered by the host country.

There is no financial offset for the host country, it operates at a loss. The IOC, which cares not about the impact of The Games on the health of the Japanese population, seemingly is completely unconcerned about its reputation. Then again, for the most, they are old men and soon to depart from this world. None too soon.

The Olympic Games are a fiasco, hopefully, this will be its demise.

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Nomura Research Institute is part of Nomura Holdings, and we can see in the link below that Nomura Holdings is a very proud supporter of the Olympics. Should we drink this Kool-aid? And shouldn't this article, for fair and objective reporting, point out this connection?


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No one gets that give it to me about such their cost extent .

Even offers the stadium for vaccination venue , this money no thanks could be .

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"Even if the games are canceled, the economic loss will be smaller than (the damage done by) a state of emergency,"

Takahide Kiuchi, executive economist at the Nomura Research Institute, said.

Nomura: Either way, we have benefited from years of quantitative easing easy money and most of our assets are offshored, so we're not paying for it suckers!

You are on the hook for this J-public who doesn't throw out the LDP no matter how much corruption and Olympic shenanigans they throw in your face!

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17 billion dollars? Doesn't seem so high does it? Just a small part of say Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates' personal fortune. Hey, 17 Billion dollars is a small price to prevent the spread of Balck Fungus around Tokyo and then all of Japan!

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If the games are not cancelled, the cost will be many times that amount due to an extreme COVID cluster that the games will cause.

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Based on Kiuchi's calculations, the first emergency declaration in the spring of 2020 resulted in an economic loss of around 6.4 trillion yen and the second between January and March 6.3 trillion yen. The current declaration, which began in late April, will likely lead to a loss of 1.9 trillion yen with the amount likely to increase if the government decides to extend it beyond the May 31 deadline.

This would indicate that if the games are cancelled and all the efforts were diverted to fight the pandemic, as long as one single SoE is prevented this would result in less money lost.

Or if the vaccines were approved and delivered as opportunely as in the rest of the civilized world a major part of all these losses could be prevented.

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¥1.81 trillion!!! OMG! That much! Better just let the people die then!!! Need to keep the money!!

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So what is the price of life in Japan, for to hold the Olympics could well cost even more lives and those of the athletes attending for would they have a claim against Japan and the Olympics Committee.

These games, for all concerned, should be cancelled, otherwise it could well be a supernova event which will cost untold lives.

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Lives more important than money.

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30% of Japanese are elderly. How much for each death, each funeral, each time of work...?

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And the value of human life is ???????????????

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