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Tokyo Stock Exchange resumes trading after technical outage

By Yuri Kageyama

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Had to look up "bourse" - never heard or seen that term used anywhere. Appears to be the correct use in the article.

A number of large computing systems had failures this week. Many were traced back to MS-Azure Active Directory faults. Trading platforms don't use AD, I don't believe.

Extremely low-latency systems like world exchanges deploy are amazing systems. Bet a bunch of people will be testing the failover processes and code this weekend.

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theFuToday 09:30 am JST

Had to look up "bourse" - never heard or seen that term used anywhere. Appears to be the correct use in the article.

Isn't it the French for exchange ?

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...it was only a few weeks ago that the LDP was trying to position Osaka as an international financial centre. Better beef up redundancy etc.

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What a joke. Where are the apologies ???.

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had instructed the Japan Exchange Group and Tokyo Stock Exchange to investigate the cause of the outage

They won't tell. Japan is famous for it's institutionalized obscurity.

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And the number of people effected? less then the number of reporters on the scene.

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Foreigners account for about 70% of all brokerage trading in the Tokyo exchange

That's a suprising statistic. Japanese should invest more in their own economy.

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the huge "Arrowhead" system created by Fujitsu to handle its electronic trading, which officials said involves some 350 servers

They only talk about "machine one" and "machine two", Did the other 348 machines had a hardware problem also?

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Seriously doubt it was a hardware failure. On systems like that, all the hardware is redundant AND there is a backup system also with redundant everything. All networking is setup redundant as well. Where I worked, we'd use 6 network connections for each basic server. Something in HA would have 12 connections to redundant switches, redundant storage connections to redundant storage and each card internal to the server would be specifically located so that redundant internal buses would be used.

In short, it was a software issue, probably just a misconfiguration.

The fact that this happened meant it wasn't tested after the last modification "somewhere" in the chain. On systems like this, there will be records of who did what, when, exactly along with the 3 levels of approvals from management chains above. They would normally spend weeks planning any changes, reviewing the steps, and probably testing the changes on identically configured systems.

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