Tokyo stocks extend record run


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All time highs usually mean more all time highs... I plan to take some of my gains to Domino's pizza for a large + large as advertised on the top 1/2 of every JapanToday page!

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nikkei is barely half its all time highs.

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I'm with your there Reckless, but I might even go 2 toppings!!

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@ Reckless and AussieBoy - good to see some support for an Aussie company here (even if they do overcharge!)

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"nikkei is barely half its all time highs."

When it was at its "highs" Japan was experiencing an outrageous, unsustainable asset bubble wherein the land under the imperial palace Tokyo was worth more than the entire state of California. Are you suggesting that is what Japan should aim for?

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Are you suggesting that is what Japan should aim for?

I was noting, in response to the prior comment, that the nikkei is not in fact at all time highs. 

Whereas US stocks are, and same time for stocks in various markets actually. 

Indeed there was a bubble in Japan when the nikkei reached its all time highs. But there was a bubble in the NASDAQ during the US tech bubble too. And today, the NASDAQ has taken out those "bubble" highs.

The Dow average is about 10 times what it was 30-odd years ago. The Nikkei is flat. The Dow average could drop crash 10,000 points and still be ahead of the Nikkei's performance.

I'm not suggesting Japan to aim for anything here. The above points are just historic facts. Make of them what you will. 

What I make of those facts is, just because there was a bubble doesn't mean that bubble highs can't be taken out further down the track, if conditions are right. But the nikkei still needs to gain close to 100% to do that. It suggests to me personally that, the conditions for the Nikkei to increase are not right. The best chance I see of it happening is through depreciation of the yen.

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