Toshiba to shed assets, cut 7,000 jobs over 5 years

By Makiko Yamazaki

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Blame China

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helped also by a much anticipated move to repurchase up to 40 percent of its own shares

Come again? How do you buy something you already own again?

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It’s “own” meaning “Toshiba” in name shares?

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Best prospect for Toshiba is nuclear power plant decommissioning; starting here. They should keep NuGen.

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Toshiba has been going down the type for quite a while now, wouldn’t touch their shares with a barge pole, would want to see some evidence the turn around plan was working first. Share buyback? If it has enough spare cash sloshing around it should increase the dividend not boost the remuneration packages of its senior staff by unnaturally boosting the short term share price with shareholders money.

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Kenji Fujimori, you sure can blame China but the root of the problem is Abe's anti-China policy in the past 5 years. High technology is very expensive business, if there is no market for it, it means die. Because Abe forbid Japanese doing business with China, as a consequence, companies lost investments, lack of returns. A best example was google getting out of China a few years ago, now it wants back. What a wasted time and money. I am glad Abe changed his attitude toward China, but the cost of learning is too expensive.

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"Come again? How do you buy something you already own again?"

But, why? Oh, why Dalila?

The level of experts’ ignorance on this site is astonishing sometimes; actually most of the time.

It's called SHARES BUY BACK.

Companies do it ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!!

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Well so much for retirement pension as their goes my job. So close to paying off mortage and 2 kids heading to college and one on the way...hmmmm...

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Come again? How do you buy something you already own again?

They don't own them. That's the point - they want to, hence, they buy them back. AKA a "buyback", as it were.

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