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Toyota, Mazda plan EV partnership, $1.6 billion U.S. plant


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Japanese automakers Toyota Motor Corp and Mazda Motor Corp said Friday they plan to spend $1.6 billion to set up a joint-venture auto manufacturing plant in the U.S.

...in the hopes the US doesn't punish japan for tariffs on US beef

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..in the hopes the US doesn't punish japan for tariffs on US beef you still going on about that, guess what the beef dumping by the US in Japan is clearly stated in the WTO agreement on how much is permissible increase year on year, I think it was 17%. The US knew about this rule and either didnt monitor its exports or chose to ignore it, result was a tariff increase. The exact same thing happens when Chinese / Japanese steel exceeds US import limits, the US increases tariffs. If the US has any problems then they need to take it to the WTO. Id say Japan has a strong case against US dumping beef.

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nfijapan is correct. The prices were raised in accordance with the WTO rules. This is not even an issue here in the states.

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Toyota and Mazda had been partners in Mexico many years before American people heard name of Trump.

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Japanese brand name cars sold in USA are built in USA. And Toyota and Mazda are private companies. They are not Japanese Government.

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This is impressive news!

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More jobs in USA. Japan has severe people shortage. So, any oversea operation of corporations employ native people.

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How about San Jose, California? . . . it's home to one of the largest, historic Nihon Machi, Japanese American community

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