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Toyota group company plant raided in test cheating probe


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A star burns the brightest just before Supernova.

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When the competitors are cheating and getting away with it, and the incentives are on the scale of billions of dollars, you get this result. The punishment cannot just be a bow before the cameras. It has to be proportional to the incentives that caused the crime in the first place.

By the way, why not just switch to electric?

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Management orders - Lost In Translation - that's a new excuse!

Japanese managers unable to communicate with Japanese workers, in Japanese!

3 ( +11 / -8 )

What a pantomime.

No tangible punishment……just a bow of the head and all will be forgotten.

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“Something may have gotten lost in translation in the communication between management and those working on the ground,” Uchida said.

Everyone is responsible and no one is responsible. Perfect.

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obladiToday  08:31 am JST

By the way, why not just switch to electric?

Because that is not the future. If all cars on the road were electric, the energy grid would have already collapsed. No amount of money you put on the grid can help charge 100 million electric cars on the road.

The battery packs, not working well in cold weather, the list is endless.

Electric cars are just a phase, something better will replace it down the road. Meanwhile it’s more eco-friendly to burn your gasoline clean in the car.

6 ( +9 / -3 )

Some of this is emissions and diesels-related isn't it.

We own a diesel and a woodstove, so are cranking out PM2.5 with the best of them. Sorry everyone! All I can say is at least we live in inaka where it gets spread out and I don't deny it. Most people with woodstoves are in massive denial about pollution. "Mine is a clean burner" even though you can see the smoke and smell it 100m away.

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Toyota is too big and powerful and way too influential to suffer any real consequences. The managers did it for the benefit of the company. Untold millions have been made because of the these falsifications. The company will publicly reprimand the managers but privately support them in every way.

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He apologized, bowing deeply

Yeah, that fixed all the issues, and because of the long deep bowing, no other penalties or fines will be received.

happened because management would not listen to workers

The traditional Japanese companies are runnong in a medieval Caste system, where managers all all knowing God's, promoted not because of skills, but political and based on seniority. So they don't ever consider "listening" to the lower classes.

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The company's global sales success in 2023 underscores its resilience despite challenges. However, the repeated instances of testing irregularities within the Toyota group raise concerns about internal communication and compliance, indicating the need for improved corporate governance. We are from website designing company in delhi.

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