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A car is seen at a Toyota dealership in Denver, Colorado. Image: AP file

Toyota posts record global output, sales in April-Sept period


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Best cars on earth - the market is never wrong!

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I've owned Toyota's only in the last 40 years. That's 4 cars, one bought second hand. Maybe Lamborghinis are better. I don't know anyone who can afford one, though, For the US consumer there isn't a better car on the road that Toyota.

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Because in a recession reliability counts

Every other OEM has sacrificed this to make more profit

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Best cars on earth - 

No. Emphatically no. We had two Avalons and I convinced my wife to sell one of them. Now to get her to part with the other. Everything seems so nice and reliable when they are new and still under the service agreement they are sold with, but once you have to start paying for routine maintenance out of pocket you discover how expensive they are to own. Changing six spark plugs on a 2007 Avalon costs over $900, and the reason is that the three rear plugs requires removal of the engine's intake manifold and the entire windshield wiper system and wiper motor deck. 5.5 hours just to replace three spark plugs. I try to do my own maintenance but the Avalon is too hard to work on. I don't have these problems with our Fords or Audis.

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Sounds like an Avalon problem. They were made in Kentucky. Last one was made 18 years ago.

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Toyota is one of the few automakers who did not "bet the house" on manufacturing EV's. They have been building Hybrids for over decades and selling them at prices car buyers can afford.

Is anyone surprised at the recent announcements from Ford, GM, and others that they will be scaling back production of EV's and EV battery plants due to the oversupply of EV's in the market?

$100,000 for a Ford Lighting EV truck? President Biden and his push to green renewable energy with free government handouts to the automakers who bought it hook line and sinker. How will Ford recover from losing over $4.3 billion dollars on EV manufacturing?

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They don’t sweat it. They’re “too big to fail.”

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Still waiting almost 2 years for my new Toyota. I can’t even get on a waitlist.

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They don’t sweat it. They’re “too big to fail.”

I think you're right, you can never imagine the headline that Toyota went bankrupt.

As of February 2023, the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota was the company with the highest debt worldwide, amounting to 217 billion U.S. dollars. 

Their products are as expensive German ones are in the UK and only make sense if you keep the vehicle for 10 years or something. You can lease an Audi for the same price, which one would you have given that it'll be under warranty the entire time you own it...

If I'm penny pinching I'll have a used Toyota though.

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Sounds like an Avalon problem. They were made in Kentucky. Last one was made 18 years ago.

Avalon's were made through the 2022 model year for the US. It has the same engine used in Toyota pick ups and SUVs and some Lexus models. There are other "features" common to other Toyota models, like non-replaceable wheel bearings. You have to buy a whole new hub. Not cheap. And their cartridge oil filters that are impossible to change neatly. Or how about cabin air filters that require glove box removal, which in turn requires part of the center console to come out to get at two screws, to replace the filter element? O2 sensor wiring hidden under carpet and the center console. Who comes up with stupid designs like that? Easy and inexpensive to screw together on the assembly line but miserable to maintain afterwards. No more Toyotas. Ever.

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