Toyota retains crown as world's best-selling automaker in Jan-June


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Nissan Motor Co reported its first year-on-year global sales growth in four years with 2.20 million vehicles, up 21.5 percent.

That is a pleasant surprise.

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@socrateos, why the surprise? While it's true the company has been in scandals one after the other, the cars itself are still pretty well loved by customers.

I could care less what happen inside their company as long the product they release aren't bad.

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Toyota has a very good reputation over here in Cali.

However, I think they need to hurry up and get on the EV bandwagon. It shouldn't be that hard to upgrade the Prius to a 100% EV.

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@1glenn prius is gonna stay as a hybrid flagship. Toyota is gonna call it's ev models under the name bz(beyond zero) with bz4x as flagship ev. Releasing in cali in mid next year.

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Toyota is gonna call it's ev models under the name bz(beyond zero) 

Funny. In naval organizations BZ or "Bravo-Zulu" means job well done. At the end of an exercise or a combat operation if all went well the flagship with the task force commander aboard would hoist the flags for the letters B and Z to tell the rest of the ships they did a good job. That morphed into just telling anyone or any team that did a good job "bravo-zulu". To see Toyota adopt this is, to me, kind of funny.

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Yes.I am not surprised at all.My first choice for reliable car is Toyota or Lexus.

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