U.S. launches national security probe of vehicle imports

By David Shepardson and Jeff Mason

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Wait a minute. Importing a car from Canada or Mexica would be a national security consideration? But importing cell phones from the Chinese company ZTE (which could literally spy on us) would be a good thing because we'd be saving jobs for the workers in China?

I feel like Alice in Wonderland. This is not a world I recognize.

Seems like we’ll invoke national security for just about anything, except, you know, a geopolitical adversary interfering with our electoral process.

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There is one problem with the US auto industry: lack of competiveness. End of story. If you don't solve that problem, declaring an automotive national security crisis is not going to solve the problem.

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This laughable, national security, is that the best excuse they could come up with. Ask Americans why they don't buy American cars, and secondly how many americans are employed by foreign car plants in America. The American car industry was almost dead and wouldn't have survived without the government bailouts. Trump is leading America down a dangerous path, only hope the American people wake up to his agenda.

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Do you why American Cars companies can't make good cars. Look at the CEOs.


James Patrick "Jim" Hackett

 Bachelor’s degree in finance.

Hackett spent thirty years with the Grand Rapids-based office furniture company

A furniture guy running a car company


Akira Marumoto

30 years with Mazda in various positions.

BS in Engineering.

A car guy running a car company.

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Seems like we’ll invoke national security for just about anything, except, you know, a geopolitical adversary interfering with our electoral process.

Funny, and also Sad.

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American cars are like Iphones, designed to break and slow down after a few years.

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This is commerce, not national security. America has always promoted globalisation for its own benefit and foisted it on the rest of the world, and now that very activity is turning unfavourable to it. Well, tough luck, I have no sympathy whatsoever.

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Since when have cars been a national security issue?

When you want to sound tough for a select few who are susceptible to that sort of thing because . . . they don't think.

Just like big pharma, big auto will kick them in the teeth for even thinking about messing with the program. Followed by Trump admitting he learned a lot.

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Hilarious.  Putting tariffs on imported cars will make US carmakers more competitive and innovative?   seems to me like better competition would more likely drive that outcome.

Anyway US carmakers are back to profit because of prior state subsidies.

DT really is random.  Bet the Koreans and Japanese will love him for this one.

EU carmakers he could care less.

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Since when have cars been a national security issue? Are cars infiltrating US military establishments? Carrying out nefarious deeds in the night? Spying? Sorry, but I fail to understand how imports of cars and lorries can be a national security issue.

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And here is one more reason why Japan will be joining the Chinese sphere of influence in the near future. Japan will follow the yellow brick road, or, that is, the yellow belt and road. The next US president is going to have a really big mess to clean up.

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Today, cars are connected just as much as dump-devices are. YES, both are national security issues.

So are thermostats, refrigerators, media players, TVs, tablets, computers and networking equipment.

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Same truck in America will cost me much less. :-( It is not fair.

Try going to your local Toyota dealer and ask them how much the Tundra is? Pro tip buddy. Toyota doesn't sell it in Japan. You are looking at private import costs. Fair? Another pro tip, life isn't fair. If American companies made and marketed better vehicles to each individual market they would do better. Can't blame Japanese manufacturers for delivering a better product.

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The overwhelming majority of "Japanese" cars sold in the U.S. are manufactured in NA from parts made in NA. Regardless of prices, there will never be significant demand in Japan for vehicles from the Big Three.

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There are 1.7 million vehicles from Japan on the roads in America.-

And only 514 New and used American made Toyota's for sale in Japan. And at astronomical prices.

Sorry, love the Tundra TRD Truck like the next guy. But I am not paying 3 to 4 times the actual cost.

Same truck in America will cost me much less. :-( It is not fair. And no I am not over compensating for anything. I have an actual need for a truck. Instead have to consider getting a Japanese made Hino with floppy bed sides with hard to operate clamps in the four door config. Totally uncomfortable bench seats in the rear.

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Why would anyone want to buy a Tundra in Japan? Where would you park it? It would be expensive to register and expensive to fuel.

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Someone wants the Japanese to give him extortion money.

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Japan imports from the US in 2016: vehicles ($50 billion), machinery ($29 billion), electrical machinery ($16 billion), optical and medical instruments ($6.5 billion), aircraft ($4.5 billion), agricultural products ($11 billion) – including corn ($2.1 billion), pork & pork products ($1.6 billion), beef & beef products ($1.5 billion), soybeans ($1.0 billion), and wheat ($610 million), and services ($44.7 billion est.) – including travel, transport, and intellectual property (industrial processes) sectors. (From…

In a tit-for-tat, surely Japan could find national security interests in agricultural products – as after all, it is the support for domestic agriculture which props up the LDP.  Hit those red states where it hurts - of course only if Trump imposes that 25% import tax.

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American cars are like Iphones, designed to break and slow down after a few years.

Really, I had a GM for 15 years, without it breaking down or slowing down. Pity I lived the coast, the salt water finally attacked the bodywork.

Mind you, the bodywork seemed to p longer than my neighbours Japanese car. He replaced it with a GM like mine after only 6 years.

Incidently, my Iphone is still going strong.

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I wonder how many American cars are built in Japan...

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Sorry, love the Tundra TRD Truck why not get the new Hilux dual cab, made by Toyota Thailand, imported into Japan excellent diesel engine, not as big as the Tundra but not the price also. I was admiring a Tundra just the other day in my area but when you actually look at its size it would be difficult to navigate down many of Japans narrow streets, its wider than many flat bed Japanese trucks. take it from me diesel Toyotas hold their values very well in Japan as their in high demand for used vehicle exporters. the 2.8L turbo diesel has almost as much torque as the 5.7L V8 Tundra and far better fuel milage Tundra 15MPG, Hilux about 25MPG

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Since when have cars been a national security issue?

Since 1960's legislation which lets the President restrict imports if they threaten national security. The President has been quoted as saying that the US car industry was "critical to our strength as a nation".

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If it wasn't for foreign imports Americans would be still driving around in Gas guzzling vehicles that rusted away in a few years. But that said, there's always too much of a good thing... so looking into what, under the auspices of National Security, is a start at least.

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China is the world's biggest car market, and it's long had a 25% tariff, with the manufacturers owned by the Communist government.

And the multinationalist, globalist, "free market" folks are perfectly happy with that arrangement. Hypocrites, much?

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Mr.Trump is targetingg the Toyota.

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