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Uniqlo operator reports record annual operating profit


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This also means that the SK boycott had very little impact in the overall Fast Retailing business showing how small SK business was in the first place.

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Not just Uniqulo, Japan should thank the heaven's for having China as a neighbor... a POWERFUL neighbor.

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Not just Uniqulo, Japan should thank the heaven's for having China as a neighbor... a POWERFUL neighbor.

As much as I hate Abe, I applaud him for relaxing Visa regulations allowing tourist into Japan, the spending from tourist is what has kept the economy from tanking.

The visa regulation letting in blue-collar workers is a bad idea that will not help the econmy in the long term.

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Operating profit climbed 9% to 257.6 billion yen ($2.40 billion) in the year ended Aug 31, mostly in line with market expectations, betraying limited impact from a slump in sales in South Korea amid a consumer boycott of Japanese goods.

So even if Uniqlo South Korea's sales of 8% that contribute to Uniqlo's global sales disappeared overnight (because of some ferociously strict boycott), Fast Retailing would still show a 1% increase in operating profit.

Not even a razor sharp focused boycott in South Korea could harm Japanese businesses overall. Must be disheartening for them. Maybe they should think about treating Japan like a caring neighbour and respect agreements they have co-signed, rather than a hugely formidable boogeyman competitor?

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Japanese companies in Korea also have plants in other countries. What define the percentage of profit is what occurs in other countries.

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Interesting edit job. In the business press, they mentioned both India and China and others as well, but this piece only mentions China.

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"Japan should thank the heaven's for having China as a neighbor.."

LOL and all the hi tech companies in China are being funded by Japanese Money ie Allibaba and Tic tok just to name two.

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