Uniqlo owner Fast Retailing cuts full-year outlook


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Surprised. I shop their store here in Honolulu. Like their stuff.

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They are getting too expensive for clothes that last a year or two....

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I can only buy so many cheap t-shirts.

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I’m surprised. I know their clothes don’t last long, but their prices are low and their stores are constantly packed in Japan, US, and other countries I’ve seen them.

I honestly thought this might be one of the few companies that would always be on the up. They seem to be extremely popular.

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They're merely announcing a downwards revision of their predicted profit.

They're not announcing that they'll be losing money. They're far from reaching that level.

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Their jeans selection used to be great, and now very limited. 90% are slim cut while "regular" was 10% when i was there this week.. Its choices seem a lot less inclusive as before.

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Gotten expensive as the name became popular. Hope it doesn't suffer the fate of GAP.

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