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Why Asia's biggest economies are backing hydrogen fuel cell cars

By Kevin Buckland

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Bring them on!

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Great news.

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Al the data about ev's in this article is sorrily out of date. Your house can recharge your car, no need for gas stations and the billions in cashola to corporations looking for their handout

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In fact, with presently developed solar cells, the sun can charge our cars enough for the majority of journeys we make...

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If you like driving a completely stripped down car with no air conditioning, audio system, navigation and so on then sure. You'll have to make a pit every 5 hours to re-charge as well.

As for home re-charging with an 100V outlet it takes 5~8 hours. Even with a 200V outlet, you'll need 2~3 hours. On top the batteries wears out and fraction of charging amount is shaved off until you need to replace the whole batteries after 5~7 years.

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Lets hope there's a better alternative to electric cars - high charge times, short driving distance and cars are still to expensive for the average person.

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Despite Tesla cars not being as successful as advertised, the hydrogen based car burns oxygen -- yes, the stuff you breathe. I like JapanToday for their broader reporting and I hope it will report on the oxygen depletion along with the money promise of the hydrogen tech.

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EV's don't require oxygen to function. Elon during the Starship Q&A had indicated that Tesla cars could drive on Mars

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